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Two games for Gaelic speakers/learners

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Two games for Gaelic speakers/learners

Post by 2GreyCats »

Is anyone playing Facle? It’s the Gaelic version of Wordle, and it’s great fun!

Also, from the Facle page, there is a link to a ‘memory’ vocabulary game called Cuimhne, on the model of “Concentration”. It’s specifically designed for users of Duolingo.

Tìoraidh an-drasda!

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Re: Two games for Gaelic speakers/learners

Post by Rraine7 »

I have played Facle, but I always end up guessing the same 5-letter words!! I hadn't heard of Cuimhne, seems good for early learners.

I have also used Verb Blitz (which I think it was a $1 to download) ... tzscottish

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Re: Two games for Gaelic speakers/learners

Post by Shy-IX »

I've been enjoying both games quite a bit… they are nice ways to help with recall. I also noticed that a side effect of playing Facle is that I seem to be taking special note of any 5-letter words I run into now. :D

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