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Lista de palavras

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Lista de palavras

Post by dakanga »

##Course Overview

  • 5147 words

  • 9 units

  • 177 skills

  • 275 stories

  • A1 – B1 : CEFR levels

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Re: Lista de palavras

Post by dakanga »



Agora você consegue dizer "oi" e "tchau", apresentar-se, falar sobre a sua família e fazer pedidos em restaurantes.



  1. hello, please, coffee, tea, and
  2. or, yes, milk, water, with
  3. goodbye, no, sugar, thank you, you're welcome


  4. what's your name, welcome, hi, good morning, my name is
  5. i am, i am from, and you, Brazil, Canada
  6. thanks, welcome to, where are you from, portugal, excuse me
  7. nice to meet you, how are you, good, too, bye


  8. a, taxi, i need, passport, hotel
  9. the, where is, airport, bus, train
  10. restaurant, ticket, car, in, is
  11. reservation, help, i have, restroom, to


  12. menu, small, large, salad, soup
  13. rice, one, two, dollar, dollars
  14. table, for, three, pizza, pizzas
  15. check, sandwich, i want, four, delicious


  16. portuguese, speak, English, I, understand
  17. this is, friend, my, your
  18. what, address, phone number, sorry
  19. last name, first name, see you later, good


  20. she is, sister, sisters, funny, mother, tall
  21. he is, brother, he has, father, she has, brothers
  22. you have, parents, live, right, is she
  23. family, cat, dog, happy, is he


  24. job, an, doctor, artist, office
  25. at, school, teacher, work, are, are you, you
  26. hospital, big, here, wow
  27. very, interesting, supermarket, dentist, bank


  28. store, open, closed, new, this, hat
  29. blue, expensive, shirt, shirts
  30. pants, nice, are, black, how much is
  31. favorite, clothes, shoe, white, red

    Meu dia

  32. every day, drink, eat, in the morning, bread
  33. roommate, see, friends, we, our
  34. play, soccer, in the afternoon, together, park
  35. a lot, at night, read, watch tv, study


  36. do you like, like, movie, book, really
  37. love, what, food, music, good, me too
  38. brazilian, portuguese, chinese, do, cook, often
  39. listen to, rock, hip-hop, play the guitar, concert

    Unit 1 Overview

  40. 274 words
  41. 10 skills

    UNIT 2 OF 9

    CEFR A1

    Agora você consegue falar sobre o clima, assim como objetos e atividades do cotidiano. Você também consegue pedir ajuda e falar sobre preços quando estiver fazendo compras.

    Bom dia

  42. good afternoon, mrs, mr, are, you
  43. your, name, not, good evening, am
  44. how are you, busy, but, tired
  45. good night, thank you very much, have a nice night, see you tomorrow, for


  46. professor, student, he, she, are you, you
  47. university, what, go, teach, class, business
  48. how do you say, this, how, difficult, your, where
  49. homework, need, every, morning, exam

    Família 2

  50. husband, wife, have, child, do not, old
  51. boy, girl, know, young, man, woman
  52. grandparents, they, five, who, house
  53. are, car, perfect, apartment, phone


  54. from, England, city, cheap, nice
  55. on, here, come, are, rio de janeiro
  56. museum, need to, library, want to, Lisbon
  57. coffee shop, station, go, i'm sorry, night, see you


  58. lives, works, speaks, excuse me, here, Chinese, language
  59. play, plays, like, likes, music, to, soccer
  60. goes, go, every, work, needs, class, day
  61. dictionary, has, computer, use, uses, never, when


  62. fine, ok, nice, or, hi, you're, i'm
  63. child, happy, sick, really, bad, he's, she's
  64. this, sad, beautiful, evening, afternoon, we're, they're


  65. eat, eats, usually, meat, lunch, bean, rice
  66. drink, drinks, coffee, tea, milk, with, does
  67. breakfast, egg, fruit, for, want, wants, some
  68. dinner, an, apple, orange, cake, make, makes

    Viagem 2

  69. where, does, boy, girl, travel, to, do
  70. do not, does not, on, plane, visa, from, counter
  71. arrive, arrives, leave, leaves, at, o'clock, in
  72. home, for, week, stay, stays, old, bag


  73. more slowly, word, some, repeat, speak, um
  74. years old, help, can, really, or, many
  75. look at, with, dress, sorry, well
  76. cool, play, time, plays, drums, flute


  77. time, it, six, seven, eight, hour, o'clock
  78. ten, nine, today, monday, tuesday, on, it's
  79. wednesday, thursday, friday, early, eleven, twelve, get up
  80. saturday, sunday, minute, late, week, bed, now

    Família 3

  81. married, husband, wife, family, children, don't, doesn't
  82. son, daughter, old, year, book, baseball, read
  83. brother, sister, his, her, many, friend, know
  84. parent, mother, father, our, their, love, talk

    Em Casa

  85. kitchen, bathroom, fridge, table, water, the, chair
  86. there, window, shower, bedroom, next, picture, desk
  87. clean, cup, plate, of, isn't, aren't, glass
  88. tv, watch, news, home, lot, front, under


  89. can, shirt, dress, that, me, help, see
  90. thirteen, fourteen, dollar, much, watch, too, pant
  91. fifteen, sixteen, that's, skirt, expensive, jean, buy
  92. dresses, watches, glasses, box, boxes, cheap, shoe


  93. right now, homework, doing, watching, playing, working, game
  94. month, farm, sandwich, studying, going, eating, making
  95. bus, photo, always, sleeping, taking, sleep, take
  96. sometimes, newspaper, well, about, reading, guitar, talking


  97. a little, hungry, thirsty, feel, feels, it's, cold
  98. when, nice, hot, warm, too much
  99. wear, wears, visit, people
  100. hair, brown, long, short, what kind, leg, english


  101. the internet, which, on, email, website, write, blog
  102. click on, email address, tablet, the radio, go online, wrong, picture
  103. laptop, how often, watch, social media, text message, video, check
  104. wi-fi, app, really, cannot, too many

    Hobbies 2

  105. cannot, hear, dance, ride, sing, bike, fast
  106. can't, run, running, swim, sit, swimming, sitting
  107. busy, come, party, tonight, drive, but, walk
  108. train, taxi, by, hotel, there, get, station


  109. country, united states, travel, united kingdom, learn, Brazil, spanish
  110. teach, teaches, finish, finishes, watches, movie, Uk
  111. start, restaurant, washes, wash, gets up, dish, Us
  112. business, email, nationality, mexican, understand, address, Canada

    Compras 2

  113. which, red, color, blue, seventeen, eighteen, hat
  114. black, white, jacket, t-shirt, nineteen, twenty, wear
  115. yellow, brown, coat, different, same, favorite, these
  116. green, orange, gray, blouse, those, pay, shopping


  117. weather, cold, hot, beach, weekend, spring, summer
  118. warm, fall, sunny, park, picnic, tennis, rain
  119. windy, winter, how's, boot, sport, basketball, snow
  120. dark, american, garden, vacation, flower, cloudy, football


  121. movie theater, game, fish, let's go, dad, mom
  122. meet, short, long, for, break, let's, a few
  123. find, can, can't, buses, glasses, yet, free
  124. glass of wine, coffee, hot, ready to, have, invite, would you like to


  125. factory, town, near, store, behind, stop, where's
  126. universities, factories, countries, place, both, famous, visit
  127. cities, open, closed, museum, zoo, all, holiday
  128. subway, plane, ticket, supermarket, boat, river, fly

    Cardápio 2

  129. would like, wine, beer, something, thirty, forty, wait
  130. fifty, sixty, cent, ok, pizza, cheese, would you like
  131. soup, bread, butter, kind, I'd like, seventy, eighty
  132. ninety, hundred, sugar, vegetable, fish, more, drink

    Pessoas 2

  133. looks like, short, tall, eye, hair, person, also
  134. look like, who, women, men, people, fat, thin
  135. dad, mom, rich, poor, families, funny, friendly
  136. taller, shorter, than, older, nicer, short hair, long

    Em Casa 2

  137. toilet, wall, floor, light, paint, what's, clean
  138. door, key, refrigerator, food, close, put, opening
  139. tree, grass, clock, camera, dictionaries, no, look
  140. there's, doll, knife, room, plant, pet, 's


  141. animal, cat, dog, ball, ear, oh, catch
  142. head, leg, bird, little, pig, cracker, each
  143. horse, its, leave, cow, other, mouth, kick
  144. salt, cook, potato, listen, often, draw, paint

    Unit 2 Overview

  145. 890 words
  146. 26 skills

    UNIT 3 OF 9

    CEFR A1

    Agora você consegue dar direções simples, comunicar-se em sala de aula e conversar sobre os seus interesses. Você também consegue falar sobre sobre planos futuros e eventos passados importantes.

    Planos 2

  147. dear, school, singing, competition, play, karaoke, would love
  148. seat, number, floor, 's, you, money, on
  149. to, voice, actor, noise, start, shh, over here
  150. wrong, some, love, get, what a, think that, awful


  151. baby, foot, adult, feet, tooth, age, teeth
  152. fatter, thinner, hand, bigger, face, beard, arm
  153. more, excited, tired, great, hungry, wrong, feel
  154. clothes, interesting, easy, difficult, busier, easier, friendlier

    Pessoas 3

  155. Mrs., Mr., Ms., miss, last, first, dear
  156. question, her, him, call, meet, ask, you
  157. us, them, message, check, smoke, send, invite
  158. letter, answer, note, paper, important, could, write


  159. bookstore, street, end, ready, right, turn, left
  160. zero, between, back, inside, safe, close, show
  161. into, past, village, road, outside, problem, find
  162. world, only, up, down, all, noise, fast

    Hobbies 3

  163. dancing, reading, watching, television, singing, practice, enjoy
  164. running, listening, swimming, playing, group, some, fishing
  165. go out, smoking, boring, fun, learning, going out, stop
  166. chocolate, conversation, café, band, radio, dance, goes out


  167. second, third, pencil, classroom, test, carry, worry
  168. worries, carries, studies, lesson, blackboard, subject, whiteboard
  169. have to, has to, pen, course, answer, word, tell
  170. page, sentence, bookcase, example, say, give, each

    Ar livre

  171. how's, outdoors, indoors, weather, in, spend time, sunny
  172. bedroom, any, stop, stops, take a shower, hard, bird
  173. have, later, hiking, patio, start, mountain
  174. take a trip, takes a trip, so many, leave, only, would you like

    Gostos 2

  175. be, player, waiter, waitress, as, better, driver
  176. because, money, cellphone, any, houses, smaller, sweet
  177. schools, hospitals, doctors, teachers, much, it, ice cream
  178. anything, buying, drinking, as well, banana, juice, think

    Perfil 2

  179. tallest, biggest, fastest, nicest, easiest, smallest, oldest
  180. most, thing, part, dangerous, meal, exciting, trip
  181. building, pair, funnier, cheaper, longer, richer, younger
  182. best, only, banks, closest, colder, China, hard

    Planos 3

  183. going, a.m., p.m., tomorrow, next, working, January
  184. February, March, fourth, studying, warmest, again, beginning
  185. April, May, date, parties, birthday, fifth, thousand
  186. after, later, about, June, quarter to, quarter past, hotter

    Planos 4

  187. will, July, soon, sixth, possible, of course, hard
  188. August, September, seventh, eighth, ninth, won't, tomato
  189. October, November, tenth, i'll, you'll, he'll, she'll
  190. December, we'll, they'll, it'll, first, then, before

    No médico

  191. come, mr, mrs, reception desk, appointment, ask for, medicine
  192. headache, anything, can i have, cold, warm, hurt, me
  193. have, go to sleep, goes to sleep, bad, you, stomachache, about
  194. get, europe, it's, allergic, how long

    Aventura 2

  195. come from, comes from, names, using, remember, France, Germany
  196. French, German, Italian, does, speaking, having, Italy
  197. put down, sit down, wake up, wakes up, helping, bag, airport
  198. flies, Asia, Japan, japanese, million, arriving, Africa


  199. lived, worked, started, talked, called, last, yesterday
  200. helped, used, asked, liked, showed, needed, wanted
  201. stopped, carried, worried, studied, was, were, Australia
  202. wasn't, weren't, Europe, played, enjoyed, rained, angriest

    Relatos 2

  203. why, did, bicycle, song, apartment, office, costing
  204. bear, on time, die, laugh, agree, cry, believe
  205. didn't, stayed, had, choose, said, college, stay
  206. toy, present, honey, got, forgot, forget, saw

    Relatos 3

  207. left, met, went, grandmother, grandfather, arrived, eleventh
  208. gave, came, ate, chicken, so, twelfth, thirsty
  209. duck, took, light, mirror, looked, above
  210. wrote, drove, slowly, aunt, uncle, life


  211. again, i think so, i don't think so, tell, better, how was, great
  212. you're right, later, i'd like to, ones, happier, shortest, how
  213. review, much, think about, order, so much, get, can i have
  214. most, more, company, something else, too much, ride a horse, not bad


  215. ad, changed, hate, hated, here's, company, change
  216. told, sold, bottle, large, made, cook, sell
  217. began, ran, meeting, secretary, worker, document, calendar
  218. knew, boss, that'll, appointment, schedule, who's, well


  219. what's wrong, fire, accident, entrance, exit, help, police
  220. speak more slowly, think so, i don't understand, don't worry, don't forget, how do you, repeat
  221. how's it going, see you, sure, have a nice, no problem, that's fine, all right
  222. little sister, all day, get ready, good luck, welcome, nice to meet you, so much


  223. have, has, ever, studied, played, worked, had
  224. wanted, known, loved, been, lived, long time, short time
  225. done, gone, seen, i've, we've, already, yet
  226. come, told, finished, hasn't, haven't, you've, they've

    Unit 3 Overview

  227. 719 words
  228. 20 skills

    UNIT 4 OF 9

    ####CEFR A2
    Agora você consegue falar sobre a sua saúde, seus estudos e o que você faz para se divertir. Você também consegue descrever pessoas, lugares e coisas mais claramente.


  229. christmas, took, pay for, have, fall, up
  230. thanksgiving, with each other, break, about, did, didn't, turkey
  231. easter, it, on, brunch, there were, there was, miss
  232. chinese, new year, time, fourth, fifth, there was no, was there


  233. owl, moon, sky, through, alone, far, forest
  234. roof, wooden, rain, field, over, bridge, wet
  235. top, around, down, mountain, path, farmer, star
  236. view, snake, afraid, rabbit, sound, heard, nature


  237. should, medicine, hurt, finger, cold, break, matter
  238. shouldn't, broke, toe, back, when, pain, worse
  239. nurse, body, soap, felt, good for, reason, health
  240. brain, feel better, neck, take care, birth, heart, blood


  241. boyfriend, girlfriend, sailing, theater, why don't we, i'd love to, concert
  242. bar, chat, popular, let's go, sure, how about, pretty
  243. if, motorcycle, walk, someone, each other, call, such
  244. get married, got married, special, perfect, almost, everything, except


  245. mine, yours, blanket, belong, put, sofa, pink
  246. purple, ours, this, comb, toothbrush, which, keep
  247. one, especially, chose, wives, knives, cabinet, kept
  248. spoon, fork, washed, heavy, lamp, nothing, dry

    Relatos 4

  249. fall down, cried, rode, danced, swam, quickly, happen
  250. ago, born, visited, degree, bought, died, history
  251. spoke, finished, checked, agreed, sent, classes, another
  252. drank, cooked, slept, cleaned, did, watched, dirty


  253. messy, room, pick up, mop, mops, down, into
  254. broom, sweep, sweeping, then, mess, sponge
  255. do the dishes, doing the dishes, take, shouldn't, have to, tv show, how to
  256. anywhere, another one, feel like, shopping, kind of, do laundry, can i get

    Escola 2

  257. classmate, nobody, answered, read, textbook, sat, mean
  258. taught, science, geography, understood, instruction, explain, clear
  259. physics, borrow, everyone, must, project, mistake, chemistry
  260. painted, drew, circle, case, art, few, anybody

    Planos 5

  261. tour, flight, ship, capital, volleyball, castle, rent
  262. show, club, afterward, earlier, midnight, noon, jazz
  263. might, backpack, sea, island, Egypt, shop, south korea
  264. anywhere, market, pool, gym, snowboarding, sightseeing, downtown


  265. let's, cereal, menu, omelet, sausage, order, toast
  266. i'll have, could i get, onion, lemon, jam, yogurt, cream
  267. mango, melon, can i get, enough, alright, anything else, fresh
  268. pear, mushroom, mug, bowl, pick up, more than, ice


  269. armchair, roommate, dresser, share, sink, furniture, rent
  270. pillow, right, left, sock, his, hers, empty
  271. theirs, garage, turn on, living room, turn off, closet, couch
  272. curtain, stair, rat, repair, up, elevator, neighbor


  273. so, couldn't, map, passport, plan, directions, lose
  274. guidebook, traffic, lost, line, glove, maybe, miss
  275. nearly, wallet, extra, luggage, terrible, instead, bring
  276. umbrella, wore, remembered, brought, cash, raincoat, sweater

    Animais 2

  277. monkey, traveled, suitcase, pack, mouse, India, pajama
  278. lion, shampoo, sneaker, Morocco, scooter, flew, helicopter
  279. Argentina, drum, turtle, learned, paid, seat, fun
  280. adventure, mice, stage, loved, leather, singer, hip-hop


  281. the day after tomorrow, last, bill, next time, million, debit card, quarter
  282. wallet, stand in line, everybody else, how long, time, atm, call
  283. owe, about, one, that'll be, take, a few, cost
  284. can i borrow, lend, keep, bring, change, there will be, coin


  285. that, single, interested, else, in love, attractive, mad
  286. anymore, unhappy, guy, still, crazy, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend
  287. actually, ex, text, true, yeah, could, try
  288. suppose, fall, good time, seeing, lucky, amazing, hope


  289. just, actress, sold, taken, team, become, win
  290. congratulations, actor, won, competition, dancer, enter, prize
  291. once, twice, artist, painting, photographer, before
  292. how long, since, photograph, record, album, kept, piano


  293. how much, how many, pepper, carrot, pasta, mix, cookie
  294. gallon, liter, sauce, piece, lemonade, half, soda
  295. garlic, oil, slice, kilogram, add, pound, weigh
  296. less, roast, fewer, salad, ham, gram, ounce


  297. was, were, golf, during, camp, everybody, until
  298. rugby, yourself, fell, careful, storm, climb, cut
  299. while, surf, myself, hockey, hurt, rock
  300. himself, herself, skate, bandage, kill, help, ski


  301. useful, advice, perhaps, make sure, spend, exercise, save
  302. polite, new zealand, left, right, side, ring, stand
  303. gift, Ireland, postcard, receive, take off, foreign, before
  304. idea, guide, information, latest, decide, carefully, most


  305. drugstore, different, shoe store, get, conditioner, answer, sunscreen
  306. a, my, brush, lotion, become, floss, body wash
  307. take care of, toiletry, herself, himself, take a bath, yourself, myself
  308. story, put on makeup, dress up, have, has, teach

    Compras 3

  309. try on, swimsuit, shorts, looking for, price, size, exactly
  310. salesperson, earring, gold, customer, on sale, jewelry, set
  311. each, scarf, prefer, scarves, tie, free, silver
  312. anyway, online, spent, returns, purse, receipt, low


  313. king, queen, magic, east, somewhere, dragon, lazy
  314. woods, fog, lost, north, guide, cross, deep
  315. bottom, lake, hurry, golden, thought, found, dead
  316. immediately, opened, everywhere, story, believed, even, kind

    Carreira 2

  317. occupation, engineer, railroad, earn, steal, dollars an hour, build
  318. colleague, manager, department, stole, built, discuss, plan
  319. became, staff, businessman, pilot, complete, mechanic, magazine
  320. police officer, receptionist, well-known, president, chef, painter, writer

    Saúde 2

  321. candy, toothache, headache, stomachache, brush, dentist, able
  322. alcohol, daily, worried, healthy food, a little, dr., fit
  323. fill out, lie down, form, rest, ok, stomach, worst
  324. have a baby, look after, ourselves, themselves, regular, change, healthy

    Escola 3

  325. grade, vocabulary, grammar, quiz, prepare, wrong, spell
  326. cafeteria, principal, eraser, partner, ruler, scissors, workbook
  327. advanced, biology, math, exam, semester, good at, minus
  328. grades, average, fail, beginner, level, diploma, pass

    Unit 4 Overview

  329. 699 words
  330. 25 skills

    UNIT 5 OF 9

    ####CEFR A2
    Agora você consegue falar sobre tecnologia, música e outras atividades. Você também consegue falar sobre o passado, pedir esclarecimentos e fazer pedidos de forma educada.


  331. stolen, necklace, hurt, bake, check, delay, sent
  332. invited, built, century, cathedral, machine, probably, written
  333. made, wood, plastic, painted, dessert, without, cooked
  334. cleaned, carpet, serve, taught, arabic, steak, spoken


  335. internet, file, folder, laptop, download, video, program
  336. keyboard, copy, printer, click, screen, app, upload
  337. web, website, wi-fi, print, speaker, online
  338. username, chat, password, log in, log out, account, create

    Cardápio 3

  339. ingredient, recipe, anyone, there is no, there are no, yum, north
  340. west, south, piece, ew, try, grow, tasty
  341. fries, on, short, anybody, bothers, would you like, slice
  342. by, supper, by ourselves, by yourselves, grandpa, grandma, there isn't any


  343. mind, really, ride, barbecue, you guys, sound, hey
  344. cool, unfortunately, shame, join, grandson, anyone, guess
  345. by yourself, by himself, fantastic, grilled, granddaughter, grape, burger
  346. glad, kid, offer, can, eaten, yard, sun

    Direções 2

  347. bother, where, restroom, hall, across, way, upstairs
  348. downstairs, sign, stadium, corner, park, straight, follow
  349. highway, middle, south, west, block, kilometer, mile
  350. get on, get off, passenger, home, tram, platform, away


  351. for free, airplane, international, half-price, available, delay, id
  352. find out, detail, further, cost, guest, contact, discount
  353. including, tax, tip, euro, over, at least, normal
  354. plus, license, gas, per, by myself, paid, bill


  355. stayed, grandparent, cousin, since then, lunchtime, visitor, off
  356. sunglasses, lost, waited, practiced, grandma
  357. camping, ridden, flown, Peru, type, champagne, surfing
  358. found, the day before yesterday, grandpa, read, met, left, bracelet


  359. ball, anymore, into, by himself, have, tennis player
  360. court, down the street, was, by themselves, member, police station, when
  361. delay, were, stop for, drop, end, tie, while
  362. smell, go skateboarding, kid, all kinds of, most of, boxing, boxer


  363. isn't there, aren't there, aren't you, isn't it, isn't he, thousands, millions
  364. can't i, can't you, yourselves, shouldn't they, improve, shouldn't we, throw
  365. are there, is it, are you, are they, real, enough, wide
  366. can you, if not, should we, move, or not, faster, violin

    Arranjos 2

  367. supper, our guests, looking after, till, will not be, new year's eve, moment
  368. as soon as possible, parking lot, taking off, post office, be moving, around noon, ex-husband
  369. video games, board games, against, match, winner, crowd, hit
  370. may, certainly, feeling better, future, let me know, by saturday, ex-wife

    Lar 2

  371. electricity, temperature, broken, mind if, push, shut, heat
  372. electric, oven, stove, itself, pull, cover
  373. gate, in the corner, dry, washing machine, dryer, towel, full
  374. trash can, clean, on, off, missing, drawer, space


  375. love, look, let me know, take a vacation, in, or
  376. surprised, might, i can't wait, i'll be there, just, sounds good, ask
  377. you, dance, gold, silver, on, front
  378. all, another time, so much, might not, come back, a little, don't forget to

    Esporte 2

  379. along, runner, race, meter, height, weight, slow
  380. hit, racket, badly, final, run, threw, fan
  381. broken, tire, cycling, shout, engine, jumps
  382. hill, inch, centimeter, chain, second, strong, fastest

    Gostos 3

  383. rock music, pop, teenager, chess, photography, cool, fashion
  384. opera, soul, classical, rap, sang, listened, grow up
  385. hobby, awesome, hiking, comic, instrument, musical, collect
  386. good-looking, grew up, as, movie star, like, model, blond


  387. mosque, church, weekly, across from, library, pray, quiet
  388. be quiet, square, daily, center, for sale, weekday, modern
  389. as usual, down the street, high school, crowded, activity, notice, somebody
  390. play, tourist, member, policeman, area, around, grow


  391. resume, hope, spelling, by, some of, do
  392. log into, room, missing, stapler, photocopier, right, by itself
  393. coworker, more, most, manager, accountant, on, like
  394. planned, prepared, pleased that, pleased, waste, daily, as possible


  395. roasted, surprise, happy to, can't wait, fried, what about, invitation
  396. clown, balloon, card, surprised, best wishes, jelly, bright
  397. all, swim, you all, grandchild, noisier, wow, fill
  398. puzzle, wonderful, memory, spend time, own, shown, whole

    Escola 4

  399. get dressed, uniform, playground, break, notebook, several, beginning
  400. shelf, easily, that's right, get along, point, clearly, quick
  401. correct, studies, sheet, fact, end, gotten, simple
  402. religion, european, african, god, asian, war, greek


  403. danger, snow, because of, wild, higher, unusual, foggy
  404. outside, loud, air, cigarette, woke up, ocean, long
  405. horrible, telephone, stamp, straight, ceiling, thunderstorm, describe
  406. wind, desert, one, cloud, insect, poster, soft

    Compras 4

  407. put on, put your coat on, try the jeans on, try them on, variety, belt, makeup
  408. turn the lights on, turn on the computer, pick it up, order, tights, perfume, hold
  409. cap, same, just a moment, pocket, list, matter, take your hat off
  410. fill out this form, fill it out, credit card, round, square, suit, never mind

    Animais 3

  411. sheep, cartoon, channel, skateboarding, quite, strange, lie
  412. wool, skate, elephant, skateboard, bit, snack, wheel
  413. give back, upset, sweets, the rest, dream, brush, lend
  414. fast food, pleased, luck, woken, awful, given


  415. was going to, software, mail, envelope, contact, wastebasket, email
  416. goal, being, housewife, offer, less, businesswoman, policewoman
  417. banking, after, call back, telephone, said, identification, chosen
  418. call me back, below, no one, however, first of all, business professional, board

    Aventura 3

  419. national, indoor, double, comfortable, difference, advertisement, lighter
  420. possibly, all over, next, finally, east, get back, shopping centre
  421. pleasant, battery, trash, the check, include, above, sort
  422. text, less, back, excellent, other, copy, twenty-five

    Unit 5 Overview

  423. 642 words
  424. 23 skills

    UNIT 6 OF 9

    ####CEFR B1
    Agora você já pode descrever eventos do futuro, hábitos do passado e como você se sente em várias situações. Você também consegue fazer perguntas pra esclarecer e confirmar informações.


  425. what's up, graduation, much, introduce, stay
  426. outgoing, wedding, visit, hug, get
  427. divorced, law, vegetarian, retire, in contact
  428. cheers, dj, pick, handsome, bald
  429. over there, favorite, date, smart, look

    Saúde 3

  430. temperature, degree, rest, have got, cough
  431. flu, aspirin, exhausted, fortunately, has got
  432. sounds like, fever, throat, get, sore
  433. hurt, bleed, badly, elbow, clinic
  434. pharmacy, prescription, burn, tissue, follow


  435. reserve, double, dining room, against
  436. half past, unpack, let, extra, check out
  437. of mine, 's, check in, dark
  438. best, that's all, ', on the other hand
  439. all the time, nearby, patio, go on, dry

    Em Casa 3

  440. make, garbage, freezer, out, huge
  441. made, fix, rug, dishwasher, ugly
  442. living, continue, heater, uncomfortable
  443. spill, lock, tiny, housework, pot
  444. go to the bathroom, dislike, fan, neat, bright

    Comida 2

  445. make, strawberry, pie, smell, way
  446. beef, pork, try, delicious, frying pan
  447. flavor, taste, shrimp, broccoli, spicy
  448. salmon, tuna, lettuce, jar, bell pepper
  449. corn, coconut, pineapple, sour, grocery store

    Rotinas 2

  450. help, dress, comb, asleep, awake
  451. hug, change, shave, exercise, series
  452. kiss, fall asleep, scared, toothpaste, ring
  453. review, bored, down, fallen asleep, rang
  454. relax, lots of, stressed, smile, rung

    Natureza 2

  455. season, rainy, colorful, blow, leaf
  456. sunrise, sunset, blew, wave, sand
  457. thunder, lightning, hide, light, fly
  458. wing, hid, frog, stream, nose
  459. hidden, cool, bug, hard, icy


  460. after, attachment, delete, link, by accident
  461. reply, social media, post, blog, communicate
  462. surprising, private, type, topic, hear
  463. exit, heard, completely, none
  464. technology, effect, issue, search, in general


  465. ask, incorrect, assignment, professors, chapter
  466. hurry up, essay, period, nervous, meaning
  467. circle, underline, whose, intermediate, row
  468. laboratory, research, result, begun, written
  469. certificate, confusing, education, understood, know how to


  470. apply, full-time, application, interview, quit
  471. applied, sign
  472. since, during, confused, airline, seem
  473. while, seemed, part-time
  474. signed, close, closed, away


  475. engaged, traditional, until, relative, musician
  476. till, accept, be over, celebrate, deliver
  477. ceremony, bride, groom, over, rose
  478. surprise, stood, kiss, cheek, exchange
  479. thanked, invited, vase, instead of, last


  480. caught, used to, kicked, come over, strict
  481. joke, didn't use to, never used to, shy, card
  482. hang out, neighborhood, hide, childhood, did
  483. hung out, now, dirt, knee
  484. up, laughed, stay, spinach, trumpet


  485. curly, haircut, firefighter, nephew, niece
  486. respect, spouse, similar, british, blind
  487. gay, lesbian, relationship, author, trust
  488. lawyer, honest, barber, marriage, successful
  489. career, dream, this is confusing, that is annoying, that's surprising

    Contos 2

  490. palace, princess, prince, firework, greet
  491. fight, get hurt, brave, get burned, get wet
  492. monster, look out, towards, shoulder, fought
  493. celebration, candle, wave, cushion, whatever
  494. fountain, besides, discover, shiny, object


  495. isn't, aren't, thrown, sweatshirt, cotton
  496. weren't, wasn't, quality, high, away
  497. don't, doesn't, sleeve, change, checkout
  498. didn't, total, underwear, outfit, pretty
  499. percent, cute, low, stuff, cash register


  500. couldn't, shouldn't, you, cancel, fee
  501. can't, won't, tell, canceled
  502. wouldn't, reservations, get in, transportation, citizen
  503. translate, abroad, arrival, baggage, embassy, front door
  504. land, pass, security, spare, visa


  505. government, enemy, they, headline, leader
  506. spy, their, border, rob, gun
  507. jail, in trouble, crime, front page, in court
  508. court, cause, though, in exchange for, billion
  509. bomb, common, crash, in jail, false


  510. who, which, front row, jungle, stone
  511. where, why, quit, earth, beside
  512. dirt, dolphin, giraffe, just
  513. loudly, penguin, quietly, smell
  514. go back, take care of, ahead, the environment, bright


  515. date, romantic, who, where, how
  516. when, why, break up, social, calm
  517. avoid, patient, kid, over, definitely
  518. make, nightclub, quiet, helpful, in a hurry
  519. front tooth, careless, nightlife, clever, pay attention


  520. what, which, seem like, roll, sound like
  521. day off, imagine, increase, hopefully, pea
  522. cabbage, pay, decision, look like
  523. although, lift, too bad, whether, perform
  524. chilis, response, in my opinion, while

    A visita

  525. angry, happy, sad, reach, annoy
  526. get out, nervous, grandkid, community, mood
  527. right, location, turn, parking, stressful
  528. get in, sandal, bright, calm, narrow
  529. translate, reservations, recycle, joke, festival


  530. about, by, skill, monthly, pay
  531. of, succeed, knowledge, ordinary, feeling
  532. farming, response, right, shake hands, success
  533. avoid, shook, salary, blank, signature
  534. baker, shaken, photocopy, sincerely, hairstylist


  535. solve, paid, completed, thought, media
  536. solved, chosen, serious, right, opinion
  537. opposite, argue, disagree, extremely
  538. prison, ahead, trouble, at all, mind
  539. make up, increase, enemy, necessary, suggestion


  540. novel, publish, fiction, title, celebrity
  541. perform, film, loudly, act, performance
  542. comedy, action, cinema, fight, fought
  543. sculpture, create, culture, commercial
  544. performer, orchestra, download, responsible, experience


  545. angel, mind, sidewalk, nightmare, touch
  546. truck, blow on, smooth, cough, scary
  547. ambulance, step, unpleasant, hole, amazed
  548. description, next-door, divorce, engaged, divorced
  549. alarm clock, tent, hurt, quietly, van

    Unit 6 Overview

  550. 625 words
  551. 25 skills

    UNIT 7 OF 9

    ####CEFR B1
    Agora, você pode falar sobre feriados e eventos especiais, discutir educação e política, e narrar eventos passados com mais detalhes.


  552. would you mind, unlucky, how, ability, feeling
  553. fairly, brilliant, nickname, alike
  554. unbelievable, confident, smile
  555. creative, curious about, unemployed, relaxing, relaxed
  556. uninteresting, lover, chin, teenage, disabled


  557. do, don't, halloween, fit, costume
  558. does, doesn't, tiger, fashionable, so that
  559. did, didn't, tight, tie, tear
  560. match, loose, tore, tying
  561. torn, shop, bat


  562. have, than, honeymoon, rarely, typical
  563. haven't, set, attend, event
  564. anniversary, tradition, did
  565. lately, has, more often, in a relationship
  566. hasn't, incredible, peaceful, nice and


  567. valley, silent, direction, nowhere, shape
  568. ant, peak, outdoor, stick, allowed
  569. because, mosquito, beauty, natural, ancient
  570. underneath, pile, among, butterfly, gentle
  571. close, gps, get, dust, somewhere else


  572. has been, have been, in secret, lie, secret
  573. notice, been, realize, by the time, at first
  574. criminal, past, suddenly, appear, shadow
  575. she's, by, destroy, according to
  576. scream, grab, break into


  577. healthier, unhealthy, painful, get, catch
  578. cut, medical, get worse, bone
  579. disease, advise, illness, drug
  580. sleep, worse, pill, test, drugstore
  581. sneeze, seriously, sleepy, bless you

    Estudos 2

  582. necessary to, essential, complicated, lecture, plenty of
  583. possible to, internship, instructor, important for, hand out
  584. it, lab, average, register, hand in
  585. wrong, unit, require, hand
  586. difficulty, attention, drama, used


  587. stressed, make, move, decorate, get rid of
  588. tired, backyard, mail, save
  589. worried, valuable, bathtub, control, grill
  590. sheet, convenient, recycling, smoke alarm, break down
  591. lock, alarm, delivery, switch, power


  592. close by, get around, with, picking up, on the way to
  593. drop off, dropped off, busy, lane, rush hour
  594. traffic jam, watch out, slow down, driven, slowed down
  595. speeding up, stop sign, speed limit, crosswalk, speed up
  596. exit, traffic light, drive, back, get stuck


  597. by the way, be, spoken, old friend, like this
  598. anything, something, have, forgotten, no way
  599. just now, guess what, lie, care, embarrassed, embarrassing
  600. seriously, go on, impossible, can't, hold on
  601. must, all right, forgave, forgive, forgiven

    Online 2

  602. look, look up, volume, update, smartphone
  603. attach, voicemail, charger, plug, plug in
  604. sign up, separated by np, dot com, sign up, follow
  605. connect, speed, accidentally, back up
  606. button, cost, upgrade, set, set up


  607. there is, there are, be about, character, animated
  608. romantic, be, horror, audience, independent
  609. documentary, have, not much, not many, plot
  610. can't stand, popcorn, someone, somebody, no one, nobody, set
  611. everyone, everybody, anyone, anybody, thriller, talented, film


  612. democracy, politics, state, politician, not
  613. speech, was going to, were going to, election, local
  614. vote, former, as, truth, can't stand
  615. immigration, economy, environmental, mean, meant
  616. article, mention, shocking, had to


  617. shark, fear, swum, spider, anxious
  618. earthquake, cliff, scared of, keep, attack
  619. bee, be used to, hate, terrified
  620. nightmare, stress out, yikes, creepy, used to
  621. thank goodness, calm down, get used to, enjoy


  622. world cup, ask, root for, champion, tournament
  623. tell, olympics, athlete, compete, coach
  624. live, cheer for, go, stand up, than
  625. goal, point, score, at least, reporting verbs "tell" and "ask"
  626. rule, beat, tie

    Banco 2

  627. transaction, right away, deposit, bank teller, not
  628. mobile, temporary, transfer, payment
  629. checking account, id, paperwork, consider, not to
  630. lent, business, limit, thanks for, thanks for not
  631. spent, budget, afford, balance, up-to-date


  632. i'd like you to meet, designer, assistant, get to know, let me introduce you to
  633. sir, ma'am, employer, would you mind if, employee
  634. professional, want, need, opportunity, would like
  635. annoyed, annoying, go, rude, whenever
  636. if you like, hear from, tiring, look forward to, professor

    O jantar

  637. take, groceries, allergy, peanut, starving
  638. any, casual, give, give up, well done
  639. for here or to go, olive, herb, offer, taste, be out of
  640. server, send back, send, get, yuck, disgusting
  641. my treat, here is, eat out, let, split

    Natureza 3

  642. wildlife, forecast, range, grew, region
  643. parrot, climate, humid, northeast, northwest
  644. whale, sunshine, coast, held, while
  645. camel, have got to, destination, southeast, what is, southwest
  646. fallen, mild, overnight, wasn't


  647. don't, doesn't, country, guitarist, hard rock
  648. do, does, play, out, hit
  649. fun, did, didn't, sung, beautifully, sing
  650. admission, balcony, historic, unforgettable
  651. back row, in advance, section, upper level, enormous


  652. protect, regular pps, robbery, truck, certain
  653. worn, search for, thief, thieves, mask
  654. wh-questions, bomb, irregular pps, unknown, innocent, attack
  655. nine-one-one, emergency, commit, take place, arrest, call the police
  656. glad, police report, front page, wasn't, weren't, was not, were not, is not, isn't, are not, aren't, luckily

    Dia livre

  657. go out with, finish, routine, about to, meet up, since
  658. learn, off, monthly, book club, unless
  659. in charge of, put off, not separated, put off, separated, schedule, get off, hasn't
  660. train, 's, championship, we all, they all
  661. Independence day, custom, annual, family reunion, make it

    Compras 5

  662. you, many, much, jewelry store, shop for, knowing
  663. fit, fitting room, can't, can, item
  664. high quality, low quality, shouldn't, check, material, zipper
  665. inexpensive, amount, left, worth, owe
  666. much, many, bill, cart, bargain


  667. could, nineteen sixties, nineteen nineties, remind, if you ask me
  668. invention, discovery, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first, population
  669. to be honest, 2016, 1992, 1802, born
  670. twenty-fifth, couldn't, grown, remember, nowadays
  671. either, eighties, fifties, generation, 2017


  672. if, ferry, cruise, luxury, go backpacking
  673. will, book, wherever, round-trip, one-way
  674. won't, depart, get, direct, board
  675. hostel, say that again, currency exchange, fare, ride, present time expressions
  676. layover, hitchhike, explore, next day, present time expressions (in negative sentences and questions)

    Unit 7 Overview

  677. 640 ords
  678. 25 skills

    UNIT 8 OF 9


  679. has, crab, wolf, water, vegetarian, design, support
  680. what, does, out, off, fair, decade
  681. sibling, works, staff, judge, director, professional
  682. guard, officer, captain, soldier, profession, architect


  683. general, bilingual, personal, main, human, recent, legal
  684. future, official, military, independent
  685. positive, minimum, historical, cultural, religious, serious
  686. negative, efficient, familiar, alive, opposite, frequent


  687. present, wish, consider, rest, mark
  688. so, as, least, approximately, generally, currently
  689. normally, neither, nor, necessarily, perfectly


  690. homes, site, property, district, inside, ground, zone
  691. avenue, route, tower, port, west


  692. basket, bedsheet, razor, tv
  693. bell, string, motor, root, flag, powder

    Viagem 3

  694. human, committee, conference, culture, foundation, youth
  695. individual, lady, couple, victim, people
  696. portuguese, vehicle, italian, journey, german, french, spanish, departure
  697. England, south, that, these, those, all, none
  698. first, numbers, sum, majority, total

    Educação 2

  699. study, practice, professor, institute
  700. preparation, presentation, explanation, objective, meaning, teaching, report

    Presente 2

  701. contains, count, produce, reserve, import, supports, assumes
  702. counts, demands, reserves, produces, announces, fits, wishes, allows, sets


  703. was, recently, informed, supported, performed, beat
  704. write, walk, swim, cook, sleep, see, like, pay
  705. run, do, go, speak, play, use, love
  706. close, rent, rain, touch, hear, listen, place, tell
  707. get, make, exercise, help, find
  708. work, buy, add, need, set, take, know
  709. show, open, think, change, return, call, visit
  710. learn, look, live, start, come, study, give
  711. sell, create, keep, offer, try, enter, ask, drive


  712. eat, see, go, drink, hear, say
  713. like, tell, answer, do, speak
  714. find, follow, play, know, use, ask
  715. look, add, feel, watch, happen, leave, remember
  716. have, write, love, work

    Unit 8 Overview

  717. 235 words
  718. 10 skills

    UNIT 9 OF 9


  719. service, system, ways, design, version
  720. control, profile, image, content, value, category, equipment
  721. performance, option, agreement, solution, production, protection, construction, turn
  722. entry, wish, hope, union, choice, matters, evidence, role, purpose
  723. award, introduction, charge, dark, alternative, record, edge

    Passado 2

  724. fair, sharp, pure, weak, have, has, walked
  725. previously, rained, heard, previous, paid, given, become, put, called
  726. received, asked, taken, developed, presented, changed, produced, tried, turned
  727. felt, followed, prepared, performed, introduced, forced
  728. reduced, opened, stopped, arrived
  729. missed, assumed, allowed, drunk


  730. talk, meet, feel, choose, cover, remember, increase
  731. stay, build, apply, believe, stop, leave
  732. allow, win, improve, cut
  733. wake, understand, let, lets, develop
  734. die, agree, appear, count, miss, accept
  735. begin, avoid, prevent, produce, serve, wait, define
  736. reach, finish, beat, achieve, exist, affect, explain
  737. assume, respond, lose, forget, hate, prepare, introduce
  738. shut, belong, suffer, analyze, recover, read, drink
  739. which, whose, whom, what

    Passado 3

  740. had, walked, heard, eaten, found, come, given
  741. called, written, taken, lost, cut, established, led
  742. closed, died, decided, felt, tried, gone, opened
  743. lived, discovered, arrived, assumed, known, earned

    Palavras 2

  744. respect, benefit, situation, effort
  745. interest, lives, load, permission, faith, truth
  746. failure, signal, reality, origin, damage
  747. direction, lack, scene, aim, behavior, attempt
  748. instance, symbol, position, strength, relation, permit, doubt, humor, hate
  749. possibility, desire, existence, pleasure, responsibility, consequence
  750. trend, fault, favor, phrase, attitude, murder, joy, honor
  751. planet, volcano, land, universe, landscape, soil, smoke, crop

    Esporte 3

  752. touching, writing, walking, eating, cooking, sleeping, going, paying, raining
  753. doing, looking, starting, calling, leaving, sitting
  754. marathon, step, matches, scored


  755. flute, style, figure, literature, poetry
  756. opening, painting, collection, search, comment, network, press
  757. communication, news, journalist, access


  758. care, treatment, cancer, patient, operation, skin, diet, vision
  759. virus, sight, chest, tongue, lip, ill, condition


  760. will, be, add, change, break, choose, come
  761. call, continue, cook, count, drink, cover
  762. exercise, fall, feel, finish, find, get
  763. give, arrive, go, happen, help, have, introduce
  764. learn, know, leave, lose, look, let, make
  765. miss, offer, present, rain, read, receive
  766. recover, reduce, return, say, see, sell
  767. serve, show, sleep, start, stay, take, swim
  768. think, touch, try, use, walk, want
  769. watch, write, access, register


  770. law, court, society, safety, vote, investment, strategy
  771. debt, progress, peace, army, demand, freedom, argument, campaign, congress
  772. violence, conflict, navy, candidate, threat
  773. governor, senator, crisis, parliament, strike, mayor
  774. blame, weapon, wealth, arrest


  775. research, analysis, energy, edition, method
  776. volume, length, sample, distance, theory, publication
  777. surface, definition, scale, temperatures, technique, mass, task
  778. quantity, depth, measure, physics, philosophy
  779. concept, formula, investigation, dot

    Negócios 2

  780. product, insurance, sale, credit, industry, trade, gold, risk
  781. brand, contract, deal, agent, worth, currency
  782. firm, promotion, advertising, organization, global


  783. may, could, must, would, should
  784. actions, start, death, discussion, occasion, battle
  785. powers, qualities, look, force, identity, expression, importance, personality, advantage

    Unit 9 Overview

  786. 423 words
  787. 13 skills

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