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[GRAMM] Skill 98/112 - Passive 3

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[GRAMM] Skill 98/112 - Passive 3

Post by PtolemysXX »

Skill 98/112 (Feelings) - Unit 50/73 Use the passive)

Grammatical concepts introduced / reviewed in this skill:

  • 자마자 – as soon as

  • V 어/아 에 비하면 compared to

  • ㄹ수 있게 so that, in order for sth to be possible

  • 정도로 to that extent

  • 버리다 – literally: throw away - as verb modifier (to express that something has been completely done)

  • V 어/아 지다 modifier "to become"

  • 니 – because

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