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[ARCHIVE] Emir Cümleleri (Imperative Clauses)

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[ARCHIVE] Emir Cümleleri (Imperative Clauses)

Post by Fnirk1 »

Originally posted by: MeteUlku

First, we need to know the singular, plural persons and their imperative suffixes in Turkish.

  • Ben (I) ------------------- DO NOT USE person form. + -eyim/-ayım
  • Sen (You [singular]) ------ NO Person form + NO Suffix (just main verb without -mek/-mak)
  • O (He/she/it) ------------ -sın / -sin
  • Biz (We) ----------------- DO NOT USE person form + -elim/-alım
  • Siz (You [plural]) -------- -(y)ın / -(y)in
  • Onlar (They) ----------- -sınlar / -sinler

Remember to use "-mek/-mak" while making an infinitive verb.
"-mek/-mak" is called as Mastar ("Infinitive" in English ) in Turkish.

Example sentences:

  • To come : Gelmek
  • To go out : Dışarı çıkmak
  • To sit down : Oturmak
  • To stand up : Kalkmak

As we see. Now, we remove infinitives. Then, they will turn into imperative ones.

Examples of imperative clauses:

  1. Come! - Gel! (its base verb is "gelmek" but we removed -mek from there.)
  2. Go out! - Dışarı çık! (its base is "dışarı çıkmak")
  3. Go! - Git! ("gitmek")
  4. Sit down! - Otur! ("oturmak")
  5. Stand up! - Kalk! ("kalkmak")
  6. Let him/her/it go! - Gitsin! ("gitmek")
  7. Let's take the money! - Parayı alalım! (to take the money="parayı almak")

Examples with "to come" (gelmek):

  • I : (Ben) geleyim. ----------- Let me come.
  • You (singular) : (Sen) gel. -------- Come. (singular)
  • He/she/it : (O) gelsin. ------ Let him/her/it come.
  • We : (Biz) gelelim. ---------- Let us come.
  • You (plural) : (Siz) gelin. ---- Come. (plural)
  • They : (Onlar) gelsinler. ---- Let them come.
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Re: [ARCHIVE] Emir Cümleleri (Imperative Clauses)

Post by @.bdllh »

Emir kipinin 1. tekil ve 1. çoğul şahıslar için kullanımı yoktur.

I : (Ben) geleyim. ----------- Let me come.
We : (Biz) gelelim. ---------- Let us come.

Bu verilen örnekler emir kipine değil, istek kipine verilmiş örnekler oluyorlar.

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