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[HOWTO] Söker på forumen (searching the forums)

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Basler Biker

[HOWTO] Söker på forumen (searching the forums)

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Before posting a new topic or reply, always do a search first
There is a real chance that your question or issue was asked before, and that it was answered.
-- When browsing a forum, you have this field
-- When browsing a topic and all its replies, you have this field
-- When browsing the search results, you can still refine your search

Common words are being ignored
-- These words are ignored. When this happens, the ignored words are mentioned above the result list

Advanced search options
-- you can fine-tune how the results are to be displayed
If you want to search all "Swedish from English" forums, be sure to select these options

-- or select a subforum from the list

Searching for Grammar, Themes, or any other category
-- some subforums such as Grammatik, Älnen, ...contain only very specific topic and posts
corresponding with the Category
-- be sure to select the Grammatic subforum for searching only topics describing grammar

Restricting a search by Category (using the TAGS)
Topics Titles are TAGGED with keywords which are not excluded by the Search Engine
Find out how the subforums are structured, and which Category TAGS are allowed

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