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Japanese Forum Starting Point

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Japanese Forum Starting Point

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Welcome traveler, you have arrived at the Duome Japanese Forum. Please, take off your shoes, put on the kimono and make yourself comfortable. This place is for learning and having fun! Where to start? Easy. There are five discussion rooms:

  • Language: discussion on the Japanese language, grammar and vocabulary.

  • Sentence discussions: questions on sentences from Duolingo or elsewhere.

  • Culture & Society: all about the millenary culture of Japan and much more. Anime and manga, customs and traditions, music, tourism, studying, living and working in Japan... Everything you need to know!

  • Resources: all about apps, student books, podcasts, TV programs, YouTube channels, webs, and other useful materials for learners.

  • Practice: practice makes perfect. Talk about Duolingo stories or write your own ones. Show off your skills writing, speaking or singing in Japanese!

Feel free to explore all of them and remember to be kind and respectful of others.

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