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Possessive Prounouns | Unit 18

Alison Cross

Possessive Prounouns | Unit 18

Post by Alison Cross »

I am completely lost with these! I am fine with pronouns (mi/mise, thu/thusa etc) and the contracted forms that involve prepositions (aig + mi = agam etc), But these possessive pronouns (leamsa, ga, gum etc) I understand them so little, I'm not even sure what it is that I am asking for help with!

I've tried looking a Gaelic Wiki etc, but I'm still in the dark! Can anybody assist?


Re: Possessive Prounouns | Unit 18

Post by davidchendry »

There is a discussion of these in Appendix D of Colin Mark's book "Gaelic Verbs" -- a useful little book I've found, although it takes a bit of finding around.

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