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'Other' Romance Language Resources

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'Other' Romance Language Resources

Post by XeO3 »

These are materials I've used for studying (or studying about) these particular languages. It is not easy to find resources for some of them, especially ones in English.

Clozemaster & uTalk offer vocabulary courses in Catalan.
Catalan: A Comprehensive Grammar – M. Wheeler, A. Yates, N. Dols
Published by Routledge ISBN 0415103428
A very comprehensive reference grammar. Available on Amazon (older editions/used copies & Kindle versions are cheaper).
Complete Catalan – A. Poch Gasau & A. Yates
Published by Teach Yourself ISBN 9781444105650
A re-working & expansion of the old Teach Yourself version. It is designed to get you to CEFR B2 level. Companion audio is offered free online. Available on Amazon.
Els Verbs Catalans Conjugats – Xurriguera
Published by Claret ISBN 8472632520
A very stripped-down book presenting conjugation patterns for sample Catalan verbs (not comprehensive, doesn’t define the verbs or explain the tense usage). Probably out-of-print, but available used on Amazon.
Diccionari Pocket English-catalan / català-anglès
Published by LaRousse ISBN 9788415785729
Bi-directional & offers 55000 words & expressions. This particular dictionary seems to be aimed at Catalan speakers for their English language needs & provides a section on Americanisms. Available on Amazon, LaRousse publishes similar dictionaries covering Catalan – Spanish & Catalan – French.

Mini-Dizionar: Ladin/Todesch
Bi-directional (Ladin – German, German - Ladin)
8000 words (IPA phonetic rendering given for German only)
Published by Yoran Embanner ISBN 2914855176
A truly tiny book that easly fits into a pocket, the dictionary provides artificial ‘standard’ language (ladin standard aka ladin dolomitan) is presented. Available through Yoran Embanner -
Gramatica dl Ladin Standard
Published by SPELL (Servisc de Planificazion y Elaborazion dl Lingaz Ladin)
ISBN 8881710293
Possibly out-of-print, this grammar covers Standard Ladin (Ladin Dolomitan) & is all in Ladin.
Curs de gherdëina – Rut Bernardi
Published by the Institut Ladin Micurà de Rü ISBN 8881710366
This book teaches the gherdëina dialect through Italian (thirteen lessons).

Clozemaster offers a vocabulary course in Occitan. No audio is presented & far fewer sentences are given than for many other Clozemaster offerings. Classic uTalk offers it as well, but not the standard uTalk (Classic also offers Provençal).
Diccionari de botgeta: Occitan – Francés
Bi-directional (Occitan – French, French - Occitan)
13000 words (IPA phonetic rendering given)
Published by Yoran Embanner ISBN 97823667470672
Unclear which form is being presented (presumably ‘Central Occitan’ or Languedocian). Available through Yoran Embanner
Diccionari Occitan (aranés) – Anglés – Ryan C. Furness
Bi-directional (Aranese – English, English - Aranese)
13000 Aranese words/12000 English words
Published by Pagès editors ISBN 8497793625
A real rarity – something on this language published in English (actually, a dialect of a dialect). Aranese is a dialect of Occitan that holds official language status in Catalonia. Available on Amazon.
Mos mila primièrs mots en occitan – H. Amery & S. Cartwright
Published by Edition Tintenfaß ISBN 9783947994342
An Occitan version of the famous illustrated First Thousand Words in… series of children’s picture dictionaries. This one has hidden yellow ducklings to find the page; others I have do not. And I’m not sure how I feel about this feature. I bought mine on Amazon but it is no longer there…
Petit dictionnaire insolite de l’occitan et des Occitans – L. Fromental & J. Bruyère
Published by Larousse ISBN 2035883776
Not a dictonary at all but a short cultural encyclopedia about the Occitan language, history, inhabitants of the Occitan region. In French. Available on Amazon.
Lire & écrire l’Occitan– Raymond Chabbert
Published by Vent Terral ISBN 2859270884
Overview of (Languedocian) Occitan grammar in French. Sketches of the Alpin, Auvergnat, Gascon, Languedocien, Limousin & Provençal dialect forms are presented. Available on Amazon.
Parli Occitan – Joan Rigosta
Published by the Institut d’estudis occitans ISBN 2859101691
23 lessons teaching Languedocian Occitan through French. Available on Amazon.

Classic uTalk offers a vocabulary course in Romansch (Rumantsch Grishun, I think) but not standard uTalk.
Mini-Dicziunari: Rumantsch Grischun/Englais
Bi-directional (Romansh – English, English - Romansh)
8000 words (IPA phonetic rendering given)
Published by Yoran Ebanner ISBN 2914855354
Another tiny offering from Yoran Embanner. The artificial standard language presented. Available through Yoran Embanner.

Els cosins del Català – Carles Castellanos i Llorenç
Published by Voliana edicios ISBN 9788494977992
Grammatical outlines, brief histories of these languages & short vocabulary & first name lists of Aranese, Arpitan, Benasquese, Friulian & Occitan focusing on their relation & similarities to Catalan. In Catalan. The author skips over Ladin & Romansh (he sees Friulian as most representative of that sub-family), which is disappointing to me. Available on Amazon.

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St Helena

Re: 'Other' Romance Language Resources

Post by ararat-tempest »

those two EDACAR book "Propuesta ortográfica provisional de l'Academia de l'aragonés" and "Gramatica Basica de l'Aragonés" are great. the resources of Aragonese learning is super rare and I'm glad to get these two books in pdf.

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