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Grammar Hungarian


Grammar Hungarian

Post by miner_0554 »

Please tell diffrence beetwen az and a.I know egy is an or a a is the and az is also the?when i mix up a az duolingo dosent tell me difrence

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Dana_Dany Danuta

Re: Grammar Hungarian

Post by Dana_Dany Danuta »

Hello, @miner_0554, on the website:

Tips and Notes
( Basic 1 / Lesson 1 ) you will find an explanation .....

"Just like in English, Hungarian has definite articles and an indefinite article.

A and az are like English's the . A fiú = the boy .

If the word starts with a vowel, you use az. For a consonant, you use a.

az alma, a fiú

Hungarian's indefinite article is simpler: the indefinite article a or an is always egy.

egy alma, egy fiú

Don't confuse Hungarian's "a / az," the definite article meaning the, with English's a / an, which are the indefinite articles, meaning egy!"

I recommend frequent use of the website provided above! 🙂

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