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[GUIDE] How-to ... Contact the author of a post.

These Duome Forum guides have step-by-step instructions and screenshots on how to achieve the desired results. So read the relevant ones before you ask again.

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[GUIDE] How-to ... Contact the author of a post.

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You can of course simply "reply" with or without a quote of what was said, and add your opinion about it, or add information to it.

If you rather prefer to say something in private, you can always click on the avatar,
and click on "PM: send private message"
==> but you'll have to include your own links to duome posts to be dscussed or spoken about;

So by far the quickest way is to use this little button, located under the avatar:

Select from the available options

  • send private message
  • send email : not implemented here on Duome (that's intended for administrators only)
  • youtube : this one appears only when the author has maintained the "youtube" link it the User Profile

Benefits of sending a PM via this menu,

  • the PM get's the title of the post/reply
  • it has a direct link to the post/reply
  • it has the post/reply as a quote

Edit as required.

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Re: [GUIDE] How-to ... Contact the author of a post.

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@Basler Biker You've three options when you click on the bubble, I only have one? Is that the kind of layout you're using. What do the other buttons do or are they for something else?

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