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[VOCAB] Skill 105/112 - Chuseok

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[VOCAB] Skill 105/112 - Chuseok

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추석 秋夕 Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) Wikipedia
추수 秋收 harvest
수확 收穫 harvest
수확물 () 收穫物() harvest (crop yield)
차례 茶禮 ancestral rites
조상 祖上 ancestor
산소 山所 grave
휴가 休暇 vacation, holiday
송편 松― songpyeon (rice cake) Wikipedia
한과 韓菓 hangwa (traditional Korean confection) Wikipedia
곶감 dried persimmon
줄다리기 tug of war
밧줄 rope
씨름 ssireum Wikipedia
화투(를치다) 花鬪 hwatu (to play ~) Wikipedia
성묘하러 가다 省墓 visit family member grave
벌초하다 伐草 tidy up (a grave)
그러다 or, otherwise
근데 but
~ 했잖아요 you said you would ~

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