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Desafio ?

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Desafio ?

Post by Danzinho007 »

Como que acessa esse desafio ?


Re: Desafio ?

Post by Steve579062 »

But did I learn anything ?
But did I learn anything ?
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Congratulations. Well done.

I never thought I was competitive until I found Duolingo. I have to remind myself that learning was why I joined not competing.

Someone will always beat your time or your points or your badges. Some will cheat, some have no social life ( me ) and some will lie.

You are only competitive with yourself.

Do not let me take anything away from your achievement. You did fantastic.

I'm using language to keep my old brain working.


Re: Desafio ?

Post by sofiajames12 »

Isso é um grande marco. Também fiquei a conhecer o Duolingo através do Chat GPT Portugues. Através desta plataforma de fácil utilização, pode facilmente tirar partido das impressionantes capacidades do ChatGPT.

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