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Spanish Update

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Spanish Update

Post by coldemort47 »

Not sure when exactly the change took place (was on a streak freeze all weekend), but Sections 1-3 of have been compressed from 8, 19, and 20 units to 5, 15, and 16 units respectively.

It looks like I lost a bit of progress in the squish (I was on unit 11 out of 19 on Section 2 and now am on 7 out of 15.

EDIT: Its also jumping me around a bit which is odd. After finishing the first lesson in section 8 it jumped me about half way through. Also I just got a story that I had already seen before.


Re: Spanish Update

Post by pdallen1970 »

Same issue here - no continuity. That, coupled with the many missing correct translations is making it very difficult for me. The whole heart-thing is such a negative impact on my learning. After 1,300 days, I am getting close to throwing in the towel.

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