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Anki instead of Duolingo


Anki instead of Duolingo

Post by danielfs »

I just wondering if Anki could be an useful tool to learn others languages, considering that it is very unlikely that Duolingo create courses for them.

Anki is basically a software to create your own flashcards. The difficult thing is to create the content (phrases, words, images, audio,etc) for those flashcards.

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Re: Anki instead of Duolingo

Post by Corinnebelle »

@danielfs I wonder if anyone has tried it? I use it to improve my vocabulary. Anki also has phrases and sentences as well as individual words.

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Re: Anki instead of Duolingo

Post by PtolemysXX »

Corinnebelle wrote: Fri Sep 15, 2023 12:24 am

I wonder if anyone has tried it?

It would be worth trying but the trick is how to copy sentences (and perhaps audio data too) from Duolingo to Anki. Most likely nobody has enough time to type all the sentences into Anki so it would have to be done in an automated way. I wonder if this is possible.

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