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Hij maakt een doosje in een doosje in een doosje. (en -> nl)

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Hij maakt een doosje in een doosje in een doosje. (en -> nl)

Post by PtolemysXX »

Hij maakt een doosje in een doosje in een doosje.

Translation: He is making a box in a box in a box.

Link to audio

apjohnson5 wrote:

Shouldn't this be in the Russian course?


EvanFerdy wrote:

Ik vind dit leuk

Noa576915 wrote:

Do Dutch kids play this game too?
in Israel we have this game called חבילה עוברת (Havila Overet). which means literally a passing box. In that game there a box in a box in a box... and in the middle of it there a surprise. the kids pass the box to each other (while sitting in a circle) while there is music, when the music stops the kid that has the box opens it and do the mission which written on the next box. They do this until there's no boxes left and they get the surprise. (Usually candy).

Sorry about the nonsense... Please tell me if you play this too, it would be so cool :).
Or this is just an unusual sentence ;).

KTo288 wrote:

Can't speak for the Dutch, but when I was a youngster in the UK we had a game called pass the parcel, except instead of the box the treat was wrapped in multiple layers of wrapping paper (or old newspaper).

unknown user wrote:

This exists in the US too

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