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Duome is missing mapping of some lesson ids in the DE->EN course

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Duome is missing mapping of some lesson ids in the DE->EN course

Post by Thomas.Heiss »


Hi Maxime,

Duome is currently missing some skill/path name mappings of lesson ids.

Course: English from German

It was a longer time an inactive shorter volunteer course but AFAIK they started with some basic restructerings (already seen one update several months ago).

Found a user who seems to be on a new path (mapped back to a newer tree with 82 skills)

The RAW button doesn't know those ids yet.
AFAIU you have a way to register the skill/path/lesson ids for the names of a new course running a script.

Need to compare with my own old tree data in that DE-EN course.

As I can see there are two path versions in the new table.

@MatOzone hasn't had a chance to add this newer tree with 82 skills to the old list:

Hi Mat, do you only want to maintain the new list (for the path) and the old one is EOL or may it be possible to also keep it for a bit alive as many users are using older Android app versions (for the tree design) and also Duome can only read out the corresponding tree data from the extended user profile as the Duolingo backend doesn't provide separate path/snake data, if I understood all of this correctly (have not verified this myself). But I believe Maxime had confirmed this somewhere?!??

Summer seems to be over here in Germany yet.
Whole week was rainy and not 30°C plus. Ich könnte ko..en. Last year it was beginning of September. Previous years mid of October.
Scotty, beam me up to a different warmer country / better location best with some surfing or wakeboarding spots nearby ;)
Hope you guys are doing better.

Best regards from Germany

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Re: Duome is missing mapping of some lesson ids in the DE->EN course

Post by Corinnebelle »

@Thomas.Heiss Hope the warm weather comes back, although not too hot. I've read about a lot heatwaves around the planet. Did you go from baking hot to miserable cold overnight?

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Re: Duome is missing mapping of some lesson ids in the DE->EN course

Post by MatOzone »

@Thomas.Heiss I prefer to maintain both lists updated (old and new), but I don't have access to any old version of Duolingo (they don't work on my Samsung/Wiko/LG phones)...
If you know how many crowns and skills (and words?) that tree has, the old list can be updated with your data.

Thank you very much!

I fully support 🇺🇦!

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Re: Duome is missing mapping of some lesson ids in the DE->EN course

Post by duome »

@Thomas.Heiss, we need to read both extended prolfile (public) and ... another profile which is only available with this person's login/password, or we would have to register a new account and hope that we get the same version of the path.

I updated the extended profile data so now duome knows skill titles etc, but we haven't seen the path representation of this particular version of the course, so there are no links in the corresponding format (unit/x/level/xx)

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