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Skills by Strength Crown Date Name Original Order screen on Duome

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Skills by Strength Crown Date Name Original Order screen on Duome

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Skills by Strength Crown Date Name Original Order screen on Duome

I have a few issues with the Skills by Strength Crown Date Name Original Order screen. Right now there's three, and we'll see how this goes.

1) When you click the dot next to a skill it brings up the vocabulary list of words that's similar to the list of vocab words for each skill in Duo for schools. I suppose the overall skill strength is derived from some sum of the individual word strengths. But my question here is about what appears in Duome: some are bold and some are not & there is no key to indicate what this means. So what does it mean ?

2) All of the grammar skills have figayse words that have a similar pattern. The screen print below has the figayse words for one grammar skill Commands and most are like that. In that screen print, there is another grammar skill Past Tense 1 that has the wrong words. They should be pasttense11, pasttense12, pasttense13, pastttense14. A few other grammar skills have this issue but my question is more what does it take to fix this. Are these words from Duolingo?

3) Two skills of mine have Leximes in red but I can't click on them to figure out what they are or what I can do. I have a theory that one of the words is rez-de-chaussée. A few years ago Duolingo made changes to a handful of skills. City 4, the first skill in Unit 4, and Housing, about 8 skills before City 4 in Unit 3, were two of those skills. One of the changes was to introduce red-de-chausée in the skill Housing. I think they retired the sentences that used rez-de-chaussée in City 4, but the word is still listed in the vocab list for city 4. In all the hearts lessons I did where questions from City 1 came up, none had the word rez-de-chaussée. That word does come up when I get practice questions from Housing. The point here is if I'm supposed to practice rez-de-chaussée in the skill city 4 and the sentences are retired, that leximes is always going to be missing. And why is it still in city 4 when it's in Housing?

They made a pretty big deal of it when they changed these handful of skills. I think they put a red dot on the skill and made you do them over. I think they sent an email too. It was one of the few times they changed something and announced it.

In the two screen prints below, the narrative above refers to some things in Exhibit A. Exhibit B is to show the part of Duome that these issues come from.

Ex A


Ex B


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