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"Türkiye" (Tur-kee-yeah) is replacing "Turkey" for the country name

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"Türkiye" (Tur-kee-yeah) is replacing "Turkey" for the country name

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While English speakers have historically referred to the country as Turkey, it has been spelled and pronounced Türkiye (Tur-kee-yeah) in Turkish since the establishment of the modern Turkish republic in 1923. ²

In December 2021, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wrote a decree saying, "Türkiye is accepted as an umbrella brand for our country in national and international venues." "Türkiye is the best representation and expression of the Turkish people's culture, civilization, and values."

An official letter was submitted to the UN (United Nations) last June 2022 by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavuşoğlu that requested the use of Türkiye instead of Turkey for all affairs.

Foreign Minister Cavuşoğlu said in a tweet that the move would "increase our country's brand value".²

The country’s English language public broadcaster TRT World said, the move would help to disassociate the country’s image from the large bird of the same name.²

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