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[ARCHIVED] The Official Luxembourgish Directory

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[ARCHIVED] The Official Luxembourgish Directory

Post by justheaven »

Original Post by: PatrickOsa: | Archived DL page:

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Welcome to the official Luxembourgish directory! Here I will post all of the lessons of the course, which will be added to as the posts come in.

Be it known that any lesson that has the name of a section rather than the actual lessons under the \"Prior Lesson\" heading will redirect here. Any lesson without that feature will have the directory link in the introduction

Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V

Section VI

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All links are broken

Post by Anitarrc »

Merci pour votre effort énorme.

Malheureusement aucun de ces liens fonctionne.

Thank you so much for your effort, I was delighted to discover it

Unfortunately all links are broken!

Is there any chance of reposting?

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Re: [ARCHIVED] The Official Luxembourgish Directory

Post by IceVajal »

@Anitarrc, I just checked 3-4 links and it worked for me, but you have to click on "Archived"! The links in the original post don't work any longer, but the archived pages can be viewed.

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Re: [ARCHIVED] The Official Luxembourgish Directory

Post by SweNedGuy »

At the dawn of the 21st century, I have been living in Luxembourg for four years. Because of my native Dutch, L2 French and some German, I have been able to read most of Luxembourgish. Yet I never learnt it. In the city, Luxembourgish speaking nationals are outnumbered by foreigners from neigbouring countries and from Portugal. The 'working language' in administration is French, but many inhabitants are more fluent in German. Add the European institutions where English is the dominant language of communication and you get an idea of the language cocktail you most need to get around. You hear more Letzebuergish on the surrounding countryside and more French or German, depending on which border you are close to.

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Re: [ARCHIVED] The Official Luxembourgish Directory

Post by Anitarrc »

Thank you so much. Now I have no more excuses to avoid Luxembourgish.
The prononciation will be another great stumblestone as it seems to be quite different between the north and south.
I work as a translator in the north and -nobody speaks luxbourgish, spartfrom our boss. I decided to give up.
For these nearly 2 years , it has been far easier to speak French German or Portuguese! Spanish I now only speak to clients or when I call home but I ran into a Mexican lady. My boss keeps pressing me to work on my Russian.

Thanks to your effort, I will give it a go, no more excuses.

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