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We're all in this together

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We're all in this together

Post by Corinnebelle »

We're all in this together

We are a global community accessible for ALL and for this forum to be a place we can all have fun learning together.

Curiosity, questioning, and cultural understanding are something we celebrate.

TLDR : play nice and be smart

For your safety :

Image Please beware of swapping or posting any private information that could be misused. Including one's physical address or any contact information (home address, school, work, phone numbers, email addresses, etc...), and any other unique identity data, as well as age.

Image Protect your privacy, and your password. If you overshare, under the terms of, it may affect your privileges here in order to protect you and others on this forum.

Image An alias can be a smart move to help protect your privacy... and fun too!

Image Clicking on unknown links can be risky. Doing so may give you malware or other nasty bugs. Hovering over links before clicking will show you where the web address is taking you.

Image is a volunteer community that does not ask for money. So no sharing of financial information.

Image Don't assume you know the same person in real life and online. People may masquerade as other people online. If you do know someone on here and in real life, don't mention anything about them, that they haven't chosen to disclose themselves on this web site.

Image If you feel unsafe with someone's behavior or think someone else is acting unsafely on, use the Image report button above the post, or contact a moderator.

Now it is time to Party and continue our learning adventure

Insieme - together

special thanks to @dakanga , @Jacko079 , and @MatOzone
with @Basler Biker and @HeyMarlana

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Re: We're all in this together

Post by Upbeat 88 »

thanks for this so much i have been wait for someone to do something like this thanks @Corinnebelle

this is just a welcome from Upbeat 88 formerly (BrianEngst1)

native 🇺🇸 learning 🇮🇹 i love listening to people speak 🇫🇷

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