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Danh sách các từ: Ngôn ngữ tiếng anh

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Danh sách các từ: Ngôn ngữ tiếng anh

Post by dakanga »

##Tổng quan về nhiên

  • 1952 từ
  • 5 đơn vị
  • 55 kỹ năng

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Re: Danh sách các từ: Ngôn ngữ tiếng anh

Post by dakanga »


Cơ bản 1

  1. man, woman, I, am, a, boy, girl
  2. he, is, she, an, apple, and, eat
  3. eats, the, bread, drink, drinks, water

    Cơ bản 2

  4. boys, girls, we, read, newspaper, men, women
  5. you, are, milk, sandwich, rice, they, child
  6. reads, book, menu, it, children, have, has

    Những nhóm từ thông dụng

  7. hello, bye, thanks, you, yes, no, please
  8. fine, morning, night, sorry, welcome, not
  9. speak, speaks, English, goodbye

    Món ăn

  10. fish, orange, wine, coffee, egg, chicken, plate
  11. sugar, lunch, breakfast, cheese, fruit, pasta, juice
  12. beer, beef, soup, tomato, strawberry, lemon, food
  13. oil, dinner, salt, meat, meal, tea, pork, vegetarian

    Động vật

  14. cat, dog, horse, bird, elephant, duck, turtle
  15. crab, spider, animal, bear, mouse

    Số nhiều

  16. apples, books, newspapers, cats, dogs, horses, elephants
  17. ducks, turtles, animals, birds, plates, sandwiches

    Đại từ sở hữu

  18. his, her, my, its, their, our, your
  19. , yours, 's, ours, mine

    Đại từ khách quan

  20. her, them, us, him, me, you, it

Unit 1 Overview

  • 132 words
  • 8 skills

    UNIT 2 OF 5

    Quần áo

  • wear, wears, shirt, shoe, skirt, coat, dress
  • pants, clothes, suit, hat

    Động từ hiện tại 1

  • write, writes, walks, walk, swims, swim, see
  • sees, cook, cooks, sleep, sleeps, run, runs
  • want, wants, like, likes, pay, pays, goes
  • go, play, plays, use, love, loves, rains
  • touch, hear, listen, hears, listens, say, says
  • tell, make, find, work, support, need, know
  • take, design, show

    Màu sắc

  • red, orange, white, black, blue, yellow, green
  • gray, color, brown, colorful, pink, purple

    Câu hỏi

  • what, where, how, why, who, whose
  • which, when, question, answer, do, have, does

    Liên từ

  • if, because, or, but, when, while, whenever, that

    Giới từ

  • from, in, on, at, of, between, by
  • for, about, without, with, to, like, as
  • after, out, under, off, during, among, behind
  • towards, near, over, except, against

    Ngày và Giờ

  • today, tomorrow, tonight, night, morning, afternoon, time
  • calendar, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, day
  • saturday, sunday, year, age, week, month, hour
  • january, february, march, april, date, may, june
  • july, august, september, october, november, december, season
  • winter, spring, summer, fall, period, minute, century
  • party, stage, generation, birth, moment, evening, fair
  • decade, second, bit, until

    Già đình

  • mother, father, parent, son, daughter, brother, sister
  • sibling, husband, wife, uncle, aunt, family, marriage
  • dad, grandmother, grandfather, name

    Unit 2 Overview

  • 190 words
  • 8 skills

    UNIT 3 OF 5

    Nghề nghiệp

  • student, doctor, work, author, job, model, staff
  • director, career, police, artist, secretary, worker, lawyer
  • professional, judge, writer, officer, guard, actor, captain
  • soldier, boss, profession, farmer, architect, engineer, waiter, waitress, cook

    Tính từ 1

  • little, tired, bilingual, same, next, general, real
  • local, special, open, own, personal, main, private
  • clean, dirty, different, left, human, recent, legal
  • important, professional, available, future, possible, popular, living
  • official, final, whole, necessary, military, independent, responsible
  • excellent, perfect, beautiful, modern, positive, normal, minimum
  • traditional, wrong, historical, cultural, interesting, religious, serious
  • famous, negative, efficient, expensive, familiar, impossible, alive
  • convenient, opposite, afraid, sad, frequent, wooden

    Động từ: Hiện tại 2

  • sign, open, think, change, return, call, save
  • look, live, come, study, offers, give, offer
  • needs, try, includes, ask, present, works, talk
  • mark, feel, makes, shows, remember, stop, wish
  • hope, searches, fail, include, pass, raise, believe
  • follow, returns, thank, comes, consider, takes, seems
  • rest, answers, starts, ends, trust

    Phó từ

  • there, very, too, now, more, so, as
  • never, then, here, pretty, always, also, once
  • only, just, well, even, much, still, however
  • really, again, yet, away, already, least, ever
  • else, usually, far, currently, later, enough, soon
  • almost, late, especially, finally, sometimes, easily, generally
  • completely, approximately, exactly, clearly, anywhere, twice, possibly
  • normally, neither, nor, necessarily, definitely, slowly, perfectly, together

    Nơi chốn

  • house, restaurant, beach, hotel, yard, bathroom, kitchen
  • airport, street, city, church, castle, country, place
  • along, into, home, site, center, office, area
  • address, department, property, room, market, park, building
  • garden, region, island, front, district, bank, bar
  • inside, station, ground, valley, museum, coast, zone
  • corner, avenue, route, neighborhood, border, tower, cinema
  • prison, palace, town, capital, community, port, right
  • square, top, west, north, farm, zoo

    Tân ngữ

  • table, bed, chair, bowl, spoon, bottle, magazine
  • window, television, computer, radio, mirror, clock, cellphone
  • watch, sofa, lamp, desk, basket, battery, soap
  • bedsheet, wallet, door, box, tv, screen, razor
  • toothpaste, telephone, wall, floor, bag, wheel, umbrella
  • roof, cabinet, letter, key, pool, sponge, thing
  • bell, scissors, glass, cup, phone, pan, paper
  • engine, object, machine, string, piece, sheet, motor
  • root, chain, flag, novel, powder, comb, through
  • fork, knife, toothbrush

    Con người

  • person, baby, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, public, enemy
  • human, committee, conference, culture, foundation, population, youth
  • relationship, village, individual, couple, lady, citizen, victim, people

    Du lịc

  • travel, travels, car, bicycle, suitcase, bus, train
  • motorcycle, boat, airplane, drive, backpack, guide, visit
  • spanish, portuguese, map, road, ship, vehicle, transportation
  • trip, italian, french, flight, adventure, bridge, plane
  • journey, german, departure, tourist, subway, America, France
  • Germany, England, Europe, China, abroad, south, French
  • Italian, Chinese, international, american, european, around, turn, turns, passport

    Từ hạn định

  • that, this, one, these
  • those, no, all, everybody, every
  • any, other, another, each, something, such, both
  • few, everything, none, someone, nothing, anything, everyone, nobody, anybody


  • one, two, three, four, five, some, more
  • less, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, many
  • last, first, number, much, million, third, amount
  • eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen
  • eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty
  • seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred, enough, thousands, sum
  • majority, fourth, meter, pair, average, half, per, total

    Động từ: Thì hiện tại 3

  • uses, contains, gets, respect, calls, agree, gives
  • appear, watches, count, looks, miss, lives, follows
  • fill, produce, reserve, appears, signs, mix, dry
  • fly, import, helps, spend, supports, knows, continues
  • deliver, leaves, begins, presents, hate, assumes, tells
  • finds, counts, serves, creates, believes, adds, talks
  • visits, introduce, demands, feels, opens, explains, reserves
  • arrive, receives, wins, cuts, puts, thinks, produces
  • announce, wishes, fits, delivers, asks, tries, sing
  • put, allows, sets

    Giáo dục

  • studies, teacher, note, pen, school, program, education
  • section, course, library, test, application, study, example
  • class, word, knowledge, chapter, practice, institute, idea
  • professor, presentation, preparation, university, lecture, explanation, difficulty
  • college, objective, meaning, teaching, training, history, page, report, document

    Unit 3 Overview

  • 580 words
  • 12 skills

    UNIT 4 OF 5

    Động từ: Thì quá khứ

  • was, were, ate, drank, went, cooked, spoke
  • yesterday, walked, liked, wanted, loved, rained, touched
  • recently, played, heard, listened, saw, had, said
  • born, told, made, used, found, left, put
  • called, started, thought, lost, came, took, wrote
  • informed, gave, died, turned, tried, supported, decided
  • returned, looked, felt, knew, performed, kept, beat
  • introduced, won, happened, finished, reached, showed, entered
  • opened, seemed, appeared, explained, stopped, fell, answered
  • stayed, talked, watched

    Động từ: Nguyên mẫu

  • do, does, write, walk, swim, be, see
  • cook, sleep, have, run, want, like, pay
  • let, go, speak, play, use, love
  • close, rent, rain, touch, hear, listen, say
  • place, tell, get, make, exercise, help, find
  • work, buy, add, need, set, know, take
  • show, open, think, change, return, call, visit
  • learn, look, live, start, come, study, give
  • sell, create, offer, keep, enter, try, ask, drive

    Động từ: Quá khứ 2

  • did, eat, see, go, drink, hear, say
  • like, tell, make, answer, do, speak, talk
  • find, want, follow, play, know, use, ask
  • add, look, feel, watch, happen, leave, remember
  • have, write, love, work

    Từ trừu tượng 1

  • love, part, view, service, list, system, review
  • order, group, way, type, design, case, version
  • member, control, change, call, account, profile, level
  • description, image, content, value, category, act, equipment
  • problem, side, performance, option, activity, result, issue
  • agreement, solution, production, protection, construction, response, turn
  • entry, effect, mind, wish, hope, union, opportunity
  • choice, degree, matter, voice, evidence, role, purpose
  • success, award, introduction, charge, grade, rest, subject
  • dark, alternative, kind, record, edge

    Biến tố tính từ

  • big, small, good, great, new, old, than
  • young, smaller, bigger, older, younger, pretty, less
  • prettier, free, best, full, long, large, cleaner
  • cheaper, hot, better, hard, able, short, bad
  • true, fast, clear, simple, nice, happy, strong
  • deep, poor, fair, cold, rich, sweet, sharp
  • pure, worse, worst, weak, tall, alone, ready, sure

    Động từ: Thì hiện tại hoàn thành

  • have, has, read, been, cooked, walked, wanted
  • previously, rained, played, heard, eaten, spoken, previous
  • seen, had, since, paid, told, left, come
  • before, given, become, put, called, written, done
  • ago, received, taken, asked, lost, sent, developed
  • presented, closed, changed, produced, met, turned, tried
  • felt, followed, gone, prepared, performed, introduced, forced
  • reduced, won, opened, ordered, lived, stopped, arrived
  • missed, assumed, allowed, known, finished, drunk, said, passed

    Động từ: Nguyên mẫu 2

  • talk, meet, feel, cover, choose, remember, increase
  • stay, build, continue, apply, stop, believe, leave
  • though, answer, how, allow, win, improve, cut
  • repeat, wake, understand, let, lets, consider, develop
  • die, agree, appear, fit, count, miss, accept
  • begin, avoid, prevent, produce, serve, wait, define
  • reach, finish, beat, achieve, exist, affect, explain
  • assume, respond, lose, forget, prepare, hate, introduce
  • shut, belong, suffer, recover, analyze, read, eat, drink

    Đại từ quan hệ

  • which, where, whose, whom, what, who

    Động từ: Thì quá khứ hoàn thành

  • had, walked, heard, eaten, found, come, given
  • called, written, taken, lost, cut, established, led
  • closed, died, tried, decided, felt, gone, opened
  • lived, discovered, arrived, assumed, earned, known

    Từ vựng trừu tượng 2

  • respect, title, benefit, situation, religion, effort, attention
  • interest, competition, life, load, permission, faith, truth
  • failure, signal, character, reality, origin, damage, secret
  • direction, lack, scene, aim, behavior, signature, attempt
  • instance, circle, exit, symbol, position, strength, experience
  • shape, relation, fear, permit, doubt, humor, hate
  • possibility, desire, existence, pleasure, responsibility, space, consequence
  • surprise, tradition, conversation, trend, fault, favor, phrase
  • attitude, murder, mistake, honor, smile, danger, joy
  • entrance, shadow, memory

    Đại từ phản thân

  • himself, herself, itself, myself, yourself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves

    Thiên nhiên

  • flower, tree, grass, sky, sea, moon, sun
  • world, rain, volcano, fire, air, field, star
  • land, weather, nature, river, earth, mountain, wood
  • up, forest, stone, wind, heat, rose, planet
  • down, climate, universe, leaf, landscape, soil, smoke
  • crop, gas, material, plant, light, dust, sand

    Unit 4 Overview

  • 557 words
  • 12 skills

    UNIT 5 OF 5

    Danh động từ (Gerunds)

  • having, speaking, touching, making, following, including, getting
  • taking, trying, giving, thinking, talking, saying, waiting
  • watching, wearing, happening, studying, coming, walking, eating
  • drinking, going, swimming, looking, doing, reading, writing
  • raining, sleeping, seeing
  • cooking, running, paying, playing
  • working, starting, calling, leaving, sitting

    Thể thao

  • ball, walk, sport, team, player, step, path
  • goal, point, game, scored, football, basketball, tennis
  • racket, volleyball, kick, jump, jumps, coach, exercise
  • match, marathon, exercises, gym, championship, athlete, swimming

    Nghệ thuật

  • violin, flute, music, camera, photo, movie, picture
  • film, art, style, sound, figure, song, photography
  • dance, instrument, literature, fashion, theater, poetry, concert
  • contest, opening, painting, audience, collection, band, actress, musical, paint

    Truyền thông

  • search, information, comment, network, press, text, story
  • channel, communication, news, message, internet, language, postcard
  • stamp, access, journalist

    Y tế

  • sick, hand, eye, health, care, body, head
  • help, emergency, treatment, heart, face, cancer, medicine
  • ambulance, blood, disease, hair, patient, hospital, operation
  • skin, foot, diet, vision, pain, drug, virus
  • brain, arm, leg, mouth, dream, accident, neck
  • sight, illness, finger, ear, chest, tooth, tongue
  • nose, lip, back, ill, condition, appointment, nurse

    Động từ: Thì tương lai

  • will, add, be, break, change, choose, come
  • call, continue, cook, count, cover, drink, eat
  • exercise, fall, feel, find, finish, follow, get
  • arrive, give, go, happen, have, help, introduce
  • know, learn, leave, let, look, lose, make
  • miss, offer, pay, present, rain, read, receive
  • recover, reduce, remember, return, say, see, sell
  • serve, show, sleep, start, stay, swim, take
  • think, touch, try, use, walk, want, watch
  • write, access, register

    Chính trị

  • security, law, government, tax, court, war, president
  • national, society, safety, advice, investment, vote, strategy
  • opinion, debt, progress, peace, economy, army, demand
  • crime, leader, freedom, argument, campaign, congress, election
  • queen, speech, violence, conflict, navy, candidate, threat
  • governor, senator, crisis, parliament, strike, mayor, wealth
  • blame, plan, decision, king, cause, weapon, arrest, prince

    Động từ: Thì tương lai đơn

  • going, achieve, add, allow, apply, arrive, ask
  • assume, be, believe, break, call, close, come
  • consider, continue, control, define, discover, drink, eat
  • establish, feel, find, finish, follow, forget, go
  • have, help, introduce, leave, listen, look, offer
  • open, place, prepare, present, prevent, put, rain
  • read, receive, recover, reduce, remember, resolve, see
  • sell, sleep, start, support, swim, tell, think
  • understand, wait, walk, want, win, write, transport

    Khoa học

  • research, line, detail, technology, project, size, article
  • science, analysis, energy, edition, unit, weight, method
  • speed, volume, length, sample, distance, publication, theory
  • surface, definition, scale, temperature, technique, mass, task
  • limit, quantity, laboratory, depth, height, physics, philosophy
  • measure, concept, chemistry, discovery, formula, investigation, dot
  • scientist, geography, electric, discover, cycle, conclusion, reason, decrease, alcohol

    Động từ: Tương lai hoàn thành

  • will, have, found, called, received, created, taken
  • sent, died, decided, chosen, returned

    Kinh doanh

  • money, dollar, business, product, board, insurance, sale
  • card, credit, industry, offer, gold, trade, risk
  • brand, contract, deal, budget, agent, worth, currency
  • advertisement, promotion, prize, firm, advertising, cost, organization
  • lot, costs, interview, meeting, company, price, check, global

    Động từ khiếm khuyết (Modal Auxiliaries)

  • can, cannot, may, could, must, would, should

    Sự kiện

  • action, start, delivery, discussion, death, stop, traffic
  • attack, battle, noise, occasion

    Từ vựng: Điều kiện hoàn thành

  • would, have, been, had, written, considered, changed
  • managed, opened, discovered, returned, said

    Đặc tính

  • power, quality, look, beauty, force, difference, identity
  • expression, importance, luck, personality, advantage

    Unit 5 Overview

  • 493 words
  • 15 skills

learner, guide, seeker for enabling others. ... Kindness is not a luxury, it is an necessity.
smile, open your eyes, love and go on

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Re: Danh sách các từ: Ngôn ngữ tiếng anh

Post by thaihuyvipduo »

wow hay thế bạn

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Re: Danh sách các từ: Ngôn ngữ tiếng anh

Post by Nineko »

Xin chào 😀

N 🇯🇵  L 🇺🇲 🇬🇧 🇻🇳 🇨🇳etc
世界が平和である事は良い事です。It is good that the world is peaceful.

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Re: Danh sách các từ: Ngôn ngữ tiếng anh

Post by Nineko »

xin chào. Có rất nhiều người Việt Nam trong khu vực của tôi, vì vậy tôi đang học tiếng Việt. (Tôi đã sử dụng một số bản dịch.)

N 🇯🇵  L 🇺🇲 🇬🇧 🇻🇳 🇨🇳etc
世界が平和である事は良い事です。It is good that the world is peaceful.

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