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[ARCHIVE] Making comparisons in Portuguese

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[ARCHIVE] Making comparisons in Portuguese

Post by EranBarLev »

Original post by HelpfulDuo | Archived post

Comparing two things/people or two groups of things/people in Portuguese is easy. Here's the formula:

mais/menos + adjective/noun/adverb + (do) que

NOTE: In the formula above, the word do before que is optional.

Here are some examples:

Minha amiga é menos sociável que eu.My friend is less sociable than me.
A Lili é mais alta do que o Lucas.Lili is taller than Lucas.
Sua casa tem mais quartos que a minha.Your house has more rooms than mine.
Ele corre mais rápido do que eu.He runs faster than me.

However, as in English, there are some irregular adjectives in Portuguese too.

Adjective / Comparative formExample
bom / melhorEsse detergente é melhor que aquele.
This detergent is better than that one.
ruim / piorSeu novo filme é pior que o anterior.
His/Her new movie is worse than his/her previous one.
grande / maiorMeu irmão gêmeo é maior que eu.
My twin brother is bigger than me.
pequeno / menorEsta casa é menor que a outra.
This house is smaller than the other one.

Practice your Portuguese!

Using the lesson above, write a sentence comparing two things or people and share it with other users in the comments section.

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Re: [ARCHIVE] Making comparisons in Portuguese

Post by EranBarLev »

Original comment by JanisaChatte

Caso alguém queira saber expressar igualdade/ In case anyone wants to know how to express equality:

tão+ adj+quanto




Eu acordo tão cedo quanto meu colega do quarto. (I wake up as early as my roommate.)

Esta menina é tão bonita como aquela. (This girl is as pretty as that one.)

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