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How are you learning Polish?

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Great Britain

How are you learning Polish?

Post by Jetdriver »

Obviously Duolingo, or we wouldn’t be here, but what other methods are you using to learn Polish?
For example, I’m also using Clozemaster, various youtube channels and Google translate.
At this early stage, most novels are too complicated and Polish language movies are way too fast to follow!
The biggest hurdle seems to be devising a way to start/improve active spoken skills rather than just passive vocabulary.

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Dana_Dany Danuta

Re: How are you learning Polish?

Post by Dana_Dany Danuta »

Hi, I will tell you that I often enter the archives on the Polish website and I advise you to check it from time to time, because there is really a lot of valuable and useful information about the language there.

..... I am Polish and I recommend you these videos:

Good luck, Jetdriver! :)

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