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Daftar kata: bahasa Inggris

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Daftar kata: bahasa Inggris

Post by dakanga »

##Ikhtisar Kursus

  • 1952 kata-kata
  • 5 satuan
  • 55 keterampilan

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut :

learner, guide, seeker for enabling others. ... Kindness is not a luxury, it is an necessity.
smile, open your eyes, love and go on

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Posts: 3244
Joined: Fri Feb 11, 2022 5:03 am
Location: Melbourne Australia
Duolingo Username: daKanga
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Re: Daftar kata: bahasa Inggris

Post by dakanga »


Dasar 1

  1. man, woman, I, am, a, boy, girl
  2. he, is, she, an, apple, and, eat
  3. eats, the, bread, drink, drinks, water

    Dasar 2

  4. boys, girls, we, read, newspaper, men, women
  5. you, are, milk, sandwich, rice, they, child
  6. reads, book, menu, it, children, have, has

    Frase Umum

  7. hello, bye, thanks, you, yes, no, please
  8. fine, morning, night, sorry, welcome, not
  9. speak, speaks, English, goodbye


  10. fish, orange, wine, coffee, egg, chicken, plate
  11. sugar, lunch, breakfast, cheese, fruit, pasta, juice
  12. beer, beef, soup, tomato, strawberry, lemon, food
  13. oil, dinner, salt, meat, meal, tea, pork, vegetarian


  14. cat, dog, horse, bird, elephant, duck, turtle
  15. crab, spider, animal, bear, mouse


  16. apples, books, newspapers, cats, dogs, horses, elephants
  17. ducks, turtles, animals, birds, plates, sandwiches


  18. his, her, my, its, their, our, your
  19. , yours, 's, ours, mine

    Kata ganti objektif

  20. her, them, us, him, me, you, it

Unit 1 Overview

  • 132 words
  • 8 skills

    UNIT 2 OF 5


  • wear, wears, shirt, shoe, skirt, coat, dress
  • pants, clothes, suit, hat

    Kata Kerja: Sekarang

  • write, writes, walks, walk, swims, swim, see
  • sees, cook, cooks, sleep, sleeps, run, runs
  • want, wants, like, likes, pay, pays, goes
  • go, play, plays, use, love, loves, rains
  • touch, hear, listen, hears, listens, say, says
  • tell, make, find, work, support, need, know
  • take, design, show


  • red, orange, white, black, blue, yellow, green
  • gray, color, brown, colorful, pink, purple


  • what, where, how, why, who, whose
  • which, when, question, answer, do, have, does

    Kata Sambung

  • if, because, or, but, when, while, whenever, that


  • from, in, on, at, of, between, by
  • for, about, without, with, to, like, as
  • after, out, under, off, during, among, behind
  • towards, near, over, except, against

    Tanggal dan Waktu

  • today, tomorrow, tonight, night, morning, afternoon, time
  • calendar, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, day
  • saturday, sunday, year, age, week, month, hour
  • january, february, march, april, date, may, june
  • july, august, september, october, november, december, season
  • winter, spring, summer, fall, period, minute, century
  • party, stage, generation, birth, moment, evening, fair
  • decade, second, bit, until


  • mother, father, parent, son, daughter, brother, sister
  • sibling, husband, wife, uncle, aunt, family, marriage
  • dad, grandmother, grandfather, name

    Unit 2 Overview

  • 190 words
  • 8 skills

    UNIT 3 OF 5


  • student, doctor, work, author, job, model, staff
  • director, career, police, artist, secretary, worker, lawyer
  • professional, judge, writer, officer, guard, actor, captain
  • soldier, boss, profession, farmer, architect, engineer, waiter, waitress, cook

    Kata Sifat 1

  • little, tired, bilingual, same, next, general, real
  • local, special, open, own, personal, main, private
  • clean, dirty, different, left, human, recent, legal
  • important, professional, available, future, possible, popular, living
  • official, final, whole, necessary, military, independent, responsible
  • excellent, perfect, beautiful, modern, positive, normal, minimum
  • traditional, wrong, historical, cultural, interesting, religious, serious
  • famous, negative, efficient, expensive, familiar, impossible, alive
  • convenient, opposite, afraid, sad, frequent, wooden

    Kata kerja: Sekarang 2

  • sign, open, think, change, return, call, save
  • look, live, come, study, offers, give, offer
  • needs, try, includes, ask, present, works, talk
  • mark, feel, makes, shows, remember, stop, wish
  • hope, searches, fail, include, pass, raise, believe
  • follow, returns, thank, comes, consider, takes, seems
  • rest, answers, starts, ends, trust


  • there, very, too, now, more, so, as
  • never, then, here, pretty, always, also, once
  • only, just, well, even, much, still, however
  • really, again, yet, away, already, least, ever
  • else, usually, far, currently, later, enough, soon
  • almost, late, especially, finally, sometimes, easily, generally
  • completely, approximately, exactly, clearly, anywhere, twice, possibly
  • normally, neither, nor, necessarily, definitely, slowly, perfectly, together


  • house, restaurant, beach, hotel, yard, bathroom, kitchen
  • airport, street, city, church, castle, country, place
  • along, into, home, site, center, office, area
  • address, department, property, room, market, park, building
  • garden, region, island, front, district, bank, bar
  • inside, station, ground, valley, museum, coast, zone
  • corner, avenue, route, neighborhood, border, tower, cinema
  • prison, palace, town, capital, community, port, right
  • square, top, west, north, farm, zoo


  • table, bed, chair, bowl, spoon, bottle, magazine
  • window, television, computer, radio, mirror, clock, cellphone
  • watch, sofa, lamp, desk, basket, battery, soap
  • bedsheet, wallet, door, box, tv, screen, razor
  • toothpaste, telephone, wall, floor, bag, wheel, umbrella
  • roof, cabinet, letter, key, pool, sponge, thing
  • bell, scissors, glass, cup, phone, pan, paper
  • engine, object, machine, string, piece, sheet, motor
  • root, chain, flag, novel, powder, comb, through
  • fork, knife, toothbrush


  • person, baby, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, public, enemy
  • human, committee, conference, culture, foundation, population, youth
  • relationship, village, individual, couple, lady, citizen, victim, people


  • travel, travels, car, bicycle, suitcase, bus, train
  • motorcycle, boat, airplane, drive, backpack, guide, visit
  • spanish, portuguese, map, road, ship, vehicle, transportation
  • trip, italian, french, flight, adventure, bridge, plane
  • journey, german, departure, tourist, subway, America, France
  • Germany, England, Europe, China, abroad, south, French
  • Italian, Chinese, international, american, european, around, turn, turns, passport

    Kata Sandang

  • that, this, one, these
  • those, no, all, everybody, every
  • any, other, another, each, something, such, both
  • few, everything, none, someone, nothing, anything, everyone, nobody, anybody


  • one, two, three, four, five, some, more
  • less, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, many
  • last, first, number, much, million, third, amount
  • eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen
  • eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty
  • seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred, enough, thousands, sum
  • majority, fourth, meter, pair, average, half, per, total

    Kata Kerja: Sekarang 3

  • uses, contains, gets, respect, calls, agree, gives
  • appear, watches, count, looks, miss, lives, follows
  • fill, produce, reserve, appears, signs, mix, dry
  • fly, import, helps, spend, supports, knows, continues
  • deliver, leaves, begins, presents, hate, assumes, tells
  • finds, counts, serves, creates, believes, adds, talks
  • visits, introduce, demands, feels, opens, explains, reserves
  • arrive, receives, wins, cuts, puts, thinks, produces
  • announce, wishes, fits, delivers, asks, tries, sing
  • put, allows, sets


  • studies, teacher, note, pen, school, program, education
  • section, course, library, test, application, study, example
  • class, word, knowledge, chapter, practice, institute, idea
  • professor, presentation, preparation, university, lecture, explanation, difficulty
  • college, objective, meaning, teaching, training, history, page, report, document

    Unit 3 Overview

  • 580 words
  • 12 skills

    UNIT 4 OF 5

    Kata Kerja: Lampau

  • was, were, ate, drank, went, cooked, spoke
  • yesterday, walked, liked, wanted, loved, rained, touched
  • recently, played, heard, listened, saw, had, said
  • born, told, made, used, found, left, put
  • called, started, thought, lost, came, took, wrote
  • informed, gave, died, turned, tried, supported, decided
  • returned, looked, felt, knew, performed, kept, beat
  • introduced, won, happened, finished, reached, showed, entered
  • opened, seemed, appeared, explained, stopped, fell, answered
  • stayed, talked, watched

    Kata Kerja: Infinitif

  • do, does, write, walk, swim, be, see
  • cook, sleep, have, run, want, like, pay
  • let, go, speak, play, use, love
  • close, rent, rain, touch, hear, listen, say
  • place, tell, get, make, exercise, help, find
  • work, buy, add, need, set, know, take
  • show, open, think, change, return, call, visit
  • learn, look, live, start, come, study, give
  • sell, create, offer, keep, enter, try, ask, drive

    Kata Kerja: Masa Lalu 2

  • did, eat, see, go, drink, hear, say
  • like, tell, make, answer, do, speak, talk
  • find, want, follow, play, know, use, ask
  • add, look, feel, watch, happen, leave, remember
  • have, write, love, work

    Objek Abstrak 1

  • love, part, view, service, list, system, review
  • order, group, way, type, design, case, version
  • member, control, change, call, account, profile, level
  • description, image, content, value, category, act, equipment
  • problem, side, performance, option, activity, result, issue
  • agreement, solution, production, protection, construction, response, turn
  • entry, effect, mind, wish, hope, union, opportunity
  • choice, degree, matter, voice, evidence, role, purpose
  • success, award, introduction, charge, grade, rest, subject
  • dark, alternative, kind, record, edge

    Infleksi kata sifat

  • big, small, good, great, new, old, than
  • young, smaller, bigger, older, younger, pretty, less
  • prettier, free, best, full, long, large, cleaner
  • cheaper, hot, better, hard, able, short, bad
  • true, fast, clear, simple, nice, happy, strong
  • deep, poor, fair, cold, rich, sweet, sharp
  • pure, worse, worst, weak, tall, alone, ready, sure

    Kata Kerja: Sekarang Sempurna

  • have, has, read, been, cooked, walked, wanted
  • previously, rained, played, heard, eaten, spoken, previous
  • seen, had, since, paid, told, left, come
  • before, given, become, put, called, written, done
  • ago, received, taken, asked, lost, sent, developed
  • presented, closed, changed, produced, met, turned, tried
  • felt, followed, gone, prepared, performed, introduced, forced
  • reduced, won, opened, ordered, lived, stopped, arrived
  • missed, assumed, allowed, known, finished, drunk, said, passed

    Kt. Kerja: Infinitif 2

  • talk, meet, feel, cover, choose, remember, increase
  • stay, build, continue, apply, stop, believe, leave
  • though, answer, how, allow, win, improve, cut
  • repeat, wake, understand, let, lets, consider, develop
  • die, agree, appear, fit, count, miss, accept
  • begin, avoid, prevent, produce, serve, wait, define
  • reach, finish, beat, achieve, exist, affect, explain
  • assume, respond, lose, forget, prepare, hate, introduce
  • shut, belong, suffer, recover, analyze, read, eat, drink

    Kata ganti penghubung

  • which, where, whose, whom, what, who

    Kata Kerja: Waktu Lampau Telah Berlangsung

  • had, walked, heard, eaten, found, come, given
  • called, written, taken, lost, cut, established, led
  • closed, died, tried, decided, felt, gone, opened
  • lived, discovered, arrived, assumed, earned, known

    Objek Abstrak 2

  • respect, title, benefit, situation, religion, effort, attention
  • interest, competition, life, load, permission, faith, truth
  • failure, signal, character, reality, origin, damage, secret
  • direction, lack, scene, aim, behavior, signature, attempt
  • instance, circle, exit, symbol, position, strength, experience
  • shape, relation, fear, permit, doubt, humor, hate
  • possibility, desire, existence, pleasure, responsibility, space, consequence
  • surprise, tradition, conversation, trend, fault, favor, phrase
  • attitude, murder, mistake, honor, smile, danger, joy
  • entrance, shadow, memory

    Kata ganti refleksif

  • himself, herself, itself, myself, yourself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves


  • flower, tree, grass, sky, sea, moon, sun
  • world, rain, volcano, fire, air, field, star
  • land, weather, nature, river, earth, mountain, wood
  • up, forest, stone, wind, heat, rose, planet
  • down, climate, universe, leaf, landscape, soil, smoke
  • crop, gas, material, plant, light, dust, sand

    Unit 4 Overview

  • 557 words
  • 12 skills

    UNIT 5 OF 5

    Kata Kerja: Gerund

  • having, speaking, touching, making, following, including, getting
  • taking, trying, giving, thinking, talking, saying, waiting
  • watching, wearing, happening, studying, coming, walking, eating
  • drinking, going, swimming, looking, doing, reading, writing
  • raining, sleeping, seeing
  • cooking, running, paying, playing
  • working, starting, calling, leaving, sitting


  • ball, walk, sport, team, player, step, path
  • goal, point, game, scored, football, basketball, tennis
  • racket, volleyball, kick, jump, jumps, coach, exercise
  • match, marathon, exercises, gym, championship, athlete, swimming


  • violin, flute, music, camera, photo, movie, picture
  • film, art, style, sound, figure, song, photography
  • dance, instrument, literature, fashion, theater, poetry, concert
  • contest, opening, painting, audience, collection, band, actress, musical, paint


  • search, information, comment, network, press, text, story
  • channel, communication, news, message, internet, language, postcard
  • stamp, access, journalist


  • sick, hand, eye, health, care, body, head
  • help, emergency, treatment, heart, face, cancer, medicine
  • ambulance, blood, disease, hair, patient, hospital, operation
  • skin, foot, diet, vision, pain, drug, virus
  • brain, arm, leg, mouth, dream, accident, neck
  • sight, illness, finger, ear, chest, tooth, tongue
  • nose, lip, back, ill, condition, appointment, nurse

    Kata Kerja: Masa Depan

  • will, add, be, break, change, choose, come
  • call, continue, cook, count, cover, drink, eat
  • exercise, fall, feel, find, finish, follow, get
  • arrive, give, go, happen, have, help, introduce
  • know, learn, leave, let, look, lose, make
  • miss, offer, pay, present, rain, read, receive
  • recover, reduce, remember, return, say, see, sell
  • serve, show, sleep, start, stay, swim, take
  • think, touch, try, use, walk, want, watch
  • write, access, register


  • security, law, government, tax, court, war, president
  • national, society, safety, advice, investment, vote, strategy
  • opinion, debt, progress, peace, economy, army, demand
  • crime, leader, freedom, argument, campaign, congress, election
  • queen, speech, violence, conflict, navy, candidate, threat
  • governor, senator, crisis, parliament, strike, mayor, wealth
  • blame, plan, decision, king, cause, weapon, arrest, prince

    Kata kerja: masa depan frasal

  • going, achieve, add, allow, apply, arrive, ask
  • assume, be, believe, break, call, close, come
  • consider, continue, control, define, discover, drink, eat
  • establish, feel, find, finish, follow, forget, go
  • have, help, introduce, leave, listen, look, offer
  • open, place, prepare, present, prevent, put, rain
  • read, receive, recover, reduce, remember, resolve, see
  • sell, sleep, start, support, swim, tell, think
  • understand, wait, walk, want, win, write, transport


  • research, line, detail, technology, project, size, article
  • science, analysis, energy, edition, unit, weight, method
  • speed, volume, length, sample, distance, publication, theory
  • surface, definition, scale, temperature, technique, mass, task
  • limit, quantity, laboratory, depth, height, physics, philosophy
  • measure, concept, chemistry, discovery, formula, investigation, dot
  • scientist, geography, electric, discover, cycle, conclusion, reason, decrease, alcohol

    Kata Kerja: Masa Depan Sempurna

  • will, have, found, called, received, created, taken
  • sent, died, decided, chosen, returned


  • money, dollar, business, product, board, insurance, sale
  • card, credit, industry, offer, gold, trade, risk
  • brand, contract, deal, budget, agent, worth, currency
  • advertisement, promotion, prize, firm, advertising, cost, organization
  • lot, costs, interview, meeting, company, price, check, global

    K. Krj: Modal

  • can, cannot, may, could, must, would, should


  • action, start, delivery, discussion, death, stop, traffic
  • attack, battle, noise, occasion

    Kata-kerja: Kondisional Sempurna

  • would, have, been, had, written, considered, changed
  • managed, opened, discovered, returned, said


  • power, quality, look, beauty, force, difference, identity
  • expression, importance, luck, personality, advantage

    Unit 5 Overview

  • 493 words
  • 15 skills

learner, guide, seeker for enabling others. ... Kindness is not a luxury, it is an necessity.
smile, open your eyes, love and go on

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