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शब्दों की सूची : अंग्रेजी भाषा

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शब्दों की सूची : अंग्रेजी भाषा

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##पाठ्यक्रम अवलोकन

  • 1034 शब्द
  • 5 पड़ाव
  • 53 कौशल

अधिक जानकारी के लिए :

###सरलीकृत दृश्य

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Re: शब्दों की सूची : अंग्रेजी भाषा

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पहले शब्द

  1. I, am, a, boy, girl, student
  2. you, are, from, happy, India, Delhi
  3. he, she, is, woman, man, and


  4. fine, hello, good morning, good night, bye, how
  5. yes, sorry, no, thank you, not, sad


  6. sister, my, your, mother, brother, father
  7. daughter, his, son, her, friend, name
  8. child, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter

    एक चीज़

  9. this, that, book, chair, newspaper, home
  10. it, cat, dog, pen, car, cow
  11. an, apple, indian, animal, egg

    अनेक चीज़ें

  12. these, chairs, three, newspapers, two, books, one
  13. those, cars, apples, four, five, cows
  14. parents, we, friends, boys, girls, they
  15. dogs, animals, children, cats, our, their
  16. women, men, eggs, six, seven, pens

    करता है

  17. eats, drinks, reads, water, day, every
  18. speaks, knows, English, has, runs

    करते हैं

  19. eat, drink, read, always, never, tea
  20. know, speak, run, hindi, have
  21. do not, does not


  22. hi, live, lives, in, Chennai, Mumbai
  23. doctor, school, hospital, works, work, teacher
  24. writes, writer, write, year old, years old
  25. wants, like, likes, want, to
  26. listen, music, watch, movie, dance


  27. is, are, am, who
  28. does, do, what

Unit 1 Overview

  • 153
  • 9

    UNIT 2 OF 5


  • the, black, white, beautiful, intelligent


  • eating, drinking, coffee, mango, food, hungry
  • having, breakfast, lunch, dinner, meat, vegetarian
  • vegetable, fruit, banana, orange, potato, carrot
  • milk, salt, sugar, sweet, salty, butter, rice
  • hot, cold, tasty, fish, tomato, juice


  • drink, please, go, come, out, eat
  • give, take, me, us, run
  • talk, listen, help, him, her
  • let, stop, do, be, tell, them

    खासियत 2

  • rich, poor, tall, very, short
  • honest, clever, stupid, nice, person
  • useful, good, bad, new, old
  • young, strong, weak, lazy, cheap


  • go, goes, going, there, village, city
  • comes, come, coming, here, abroad
  • where, on, under, address, table, road


  • nine, eight, ten, eleven, twelve, zero, number
  • thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, many
  • eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty
  • sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred


  • red, dress, shoe, wear, wears, shirt
  • blue, green, pants, hat, wearing, socks
  • color, of, yellow, pink, shorts, colorful


  • family, brothers, sisters, has, 's, have
  • uncle, aunt, love, husband, married, wife
  • grandparents, grandchildren, nephew, ', siblings, niece
  • mother in law, cousin, father in law, neighbor, daughter in law, son in law


  • clothes, big, small, house, clean, dirty, room
  • closed, door, window, open, close
  • welcome, toilet, bed, kitchen, sleep, sleeps, floor
  • wall, people, there, hole, rooms, tables

    Unit 2 Overview

  • 189
  • 9

    UNIT 3 OF 5


  • for, job, office, busy, someone, at
  • business, runs, store, run, sells, selling, sell
  • buy, study, buys, studies, history, science
  • important, does, professional, profession, politician, do
  • officer, government, farmer, employee, boss


  • fast, walk, walks, slow, slowly, walking
  • swim, so, swims, running, river, swimming
  • play, plays, cricket, playing, chess, often
  • talking, loudly, listening, carefully, too, about
  • sleeping, working, really, tired, hard, again


  • thousand, million, earn, earns, rupee
  • money, spend, much, cash, coin, how much
  • few, too much, little, too many, saving


  • tomorrow, today, meeting, with, next, month
  • later, will, wait, tonight, meet
  • week, days, when, months
  • year, soon, going to, by


  • can, see, say, eye, hear
  • ear, hand, nose, touch, smell
  • head, mouth, use, foot, long, uses
  • health, healthy, sick, pain
  • take care, yourself, need, medicine, disease


  • pigeon, bird, its, mouse, flies, fly
  • grass, horse, elephant, bear, lovely, peacock
  • insect, mosquito, spider, scary, snake


  • were, was, yesterday, reading
  • last, went, ate, drank, studying, came
  • talked, watched, slept, played, took, gave
  • liked, wanted, had, ran, quickly, away
  • have, did not, did, fell, suddenly, fall


  • better, faster, slower, stronger, but
  • than, cheaper, tastier, worse, older
  • younger, taller, more
  • look, like, looks, just, less


  • best, slowest, fastest, strongest, cheapest
  • most, worst, tastiest, youngest, oldest
  • tallest, least, newest


  • fire, dangerous, should, safe, danger
  • help, learn, worry, try, rest
  • himself, herself, exercise, advice, suggestion


  • nature, tree, flower, plant, leaf, grow
  • fresh, air, forest, some, huge, mountain
  • moon, sun, shines, dark, light
  • thousands, hundreds, star, sky, sea, a lot of


  • right, left, turn, then, straight
  • towards, behind, front, far, near
  • ahead, after, before, wash, make


  • minute, hour, time, now, half, moment
  • quarter past, half past, quarter to, o'clock
  • at, sometimes, anytime, night, wake up, woke up
  • get up, got up, January, april, morning, evening, afternoon
  • still, awake, Monday, Wednesday, visit, visited
  • early, late, take, long

    Unit 3 Overview

  • 290
  • 13

    UNIT 4 OF 5


  • laughing, crying, lying, angry, lie
  • hate, why, quiet, smiling, sleepy
  • everyone, enemy, remember, care, because
  • dream, serious, feel, feeling, excited
  • afraid, respect, miss, missing


  • thinks, right, wrong, that, agree, thinking, think
  • thought, telling, truth, just, idea, joking, joke
  • issue, if, then, believe, also, or


  • doing, let's, shopping, something, sometime, free
  • have to, has to, need to, right now, nothing
  • anything, bought, expensive, everything, pair
  • any, available, a little, each, only
  • show, bigger, smaller, different, a few, which
  • several, enough, change, cost, at least, return, thing


  • hot, rain, cold, raining, August, outside
  • umbrella, get, wet, summer, june
  • winter, weather, december, spring, september, autumn, March


  • first, second, third, tuesday, february
  • fourth, fifth, thursday, May, friday, date
  • last, seventh, July, sunday, back, sixth, saturday
  • ninth, tenth, eighth, october, november, during

    हो चुका है

  • has, have, gone, eaten, already, drunk
  • yet, read, finished, watched, played, talked
  • given, taken, ever, done, fallen


  • writing, letter, paper, sending, sent, gift
  • get, got, birthday, message
  • lose, break, lost, broken, broke
  • made, written, called, wood, by


  • shall, may, leave, must


  • may, maybe, possible, impossible
  • must be, might, necessary

    जगहें 2

  • street, capital, country, farm, calling, airport
  • historical, building, famous, met, museum, library
  • into, looking for, jump, everywhere, look for, jumped
  • find, found, anywhere, somewhere, property, seen
  • travel, journey, tourist, drive, driving, map
  • airplane, travelling, place, road, bridge

    खाना-पीना 2

  • glass, bottle, piece, cup, bowl, please, plate
  • spoon, knife, fill, mix, cut
  • without, oil, cook, cooked, full, empty, almost


  • art, literature, painting, artist, painter
  • singer, sings, song, sing, flute
  • story, interesting, made, poem, poet, wrote
  • game, win, lose, won, lost, fight, contest


  • which, where, when, the, who
  • whose, mine, ours
  • hers, theirs, his, yours

    Unit 4 Overview

  • 258
  • 13

    UNIT 5 OF 5


  • alone, no one, leave, selfish, great, anyone
  • between, personal, both, other, together, relationship
  • all, among, myself, ourselves, favorite, popular

    भूतकाल 2

  • had, written, spoken
  • used to, about to, use to, once


  • ask, asked, question, answer, understand, understood
  • problem, solve, solution, strange, exam, easy, difficult
  • learning, practice, language, fail, passed, failed
  • be, scientist, decide, decided, decision, education, final
  • explain, discuss, discussing, improve, easily, explained
  • discussion, difference, example, reason, importance

    भविष्य 2

  • will have, will be


  • since, for, known, met, seen
  • have been, has been, living, waiting
  • continuously, had been, until, been


  • president, parliament, prime minister, citizen, member, group
  • plan, national, international, war, peace, security, army
  • economy, opinion, strategy, election, society, progress
  • king, queen, support, demand, against, action


  • ask, says, loves, tells
  • asked, told, being, said, loved


  • police, catch, thief, steal, kill, die
  • crime, murderer, died, criminal, law, court, justice
  • arrested, stolen, caught, stole, innocent, killed


  • could, would, wish
  • knew, were, had
  • would have, must have, should have
  • might have, could have, been

    Unit 5 Overview

  • 144 words
  • 9 skills

learner, guide, seeker for enabling others. ... Kindness is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
smile, open your eyes, love and go on

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