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Dysgu cymraeg ? Anybody


Dysgu cymraeg ? Anybody

Post by catha »

Hi anybody else here a refugee from the sentence discussion's or am I alone?

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Re: Dysgu cymraeg ? Anybody

Post by 01tmJ8kb »

Bore da a chroeso! :)

This is the area for fluent Welsh speakers and not many people have popped up here yet. There is also a subforum for Welsh learners at LANGUAGES => I speak English => I'm learning... => Welsh which has some reference material, and where learners are welcome to post.

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Re: Dysgu cymraeg ? Anybody

Post by JD.Hogan-Davies »

Diolch! I'm far from fluent. I'll go check out the other board.


Re: Dysgu cymraeg ? Anybody

Post by MeicLerpwl »

Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg. Dw i’n dod o Aberdaucleddau (Neyland) ag dw i’n byw i Lerpwl

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