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Unit 7 Questions - Simple or Continuous Present

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Unit 7 Questions - Simple or Continuous Present

Post by Edando »

Hi everyone!
I need some help with some Dutch grammar please!.

I don't understand these phrases (see attachment) they are all written under the same structure and translated under the same verbal tense (simple present). However the second one is translated to a continuous present form in English.

So I don't understand why?. What made it different to the rest? If it was intended to be in continuous present shouldn't it be: "Zijn de kinderen rijst aan het eten?"
And how do I know then when is in simple present or continuous present?

Thank you in advance for your help! :mrgreen: :geek:

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Re: Unit 7 Questions - Simple or Continuous Present

Post by weerwater »

About the second sentence: "Are the children eating rice?"

The simple present would be "Do the children eat rice?"
The meaning of that sentence would change: Is rice something the children would eat?.
So I guess that the reason for using the continuous in English is practical. It has to fit the Dutch sentence.

https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil ... continuous

Edit June 9th:
However in case you don't 'spreek Nederlands' yet, and are wondering about Dutch grammar:
Compare the Dutch use of the simple present to the English tenses here:


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