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word Count won't increase

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Re: word Count won't increase

Post by alinoman »

My word count for Spanish got stuck at about 800, then started French it moved a bit then got stuck. Now stuck at 1.1/1.5 k for very long time despite learning new words for both languages. User name alinoman

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Re: word Count won't increase

Post by cah2o »

I'm back! It's give and take type of thing...

app2024-04-06 .png
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browser2024-04-06 .png
browser2024-04-06 .png (21.04 KiB) Viewed 692 times

Re: word Count won't increase

Post by Jeremiah »

Mine too, my word count should be on 266 but it's on 153 for days :roll:


Re: word Count won't increase

Post by Anna791705 »

Hi, I am Anna791705, my word count is stuck at 2698 for apx. the last 2 years. I wrote tons of times to the Help function of Duolingo but nothing happened, I never heard back. Can someone please advise? Also, on several occasions the quests I complete are "stolen". This is especially bothering like today, when I had to finish a unit, and I did finish a unit, next unit opened for me while quest nr3 is still marked uncomplete. Thanks for anyone helping.

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